Marohl and Schiltz crowned 2013 NDSCS Homecoming Royalty

North Dakota State College of Science crowned the 2013 Homecoming King and Queen on Wednesday, October 2. Queen Hattie Marohl is from Mooreton, N.D., and is pursuing an Early Childhood Education degree. She was sponsored by Performing Arts and Skills USA. King Jon Schiltz is from Hankinson, N.D., and is pursuing a Liberal Arts Pre-Med degree. He was also sponsored by Performing Arts as well as the Media Squad. Marohl and Schiltz will preside over NDSCS Homecoming activities for the duration of the week.

The 2013 Homecoming Court also included:

Morgan Julius of Hutchinson, Minn., Liberal Arts; sponsored by Campus Ministry and Theater
Sarah Monk of Fergus Falls, Minn.; Dental Hygiene; sponsored by the Dental Club and HBA Club
Hayden Kautt of Roseglen, N.D.; Diesel Technology; sponsored by the Diesel Technology Club and Dental Club
John Meuchel of Watford City, N.D.; Automotive Technology; sponsored by the Powersports Technology Club and Automotive Technology Club

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