NDSCS Honors Employee Efforts with 2013 LIFE and Steeple Awards

North Dakota State College of Science recently honored a number of employees with the annual LIFE and Steeple awards on October 24, 2013. The presentations were made in Wahpeton, N.D., to the Mechatronics Technology program and the Welcome Week team.

The LIFE Award stands for “Bringing LIFE to NDSCS”, and is presented to an individual, employee group or committee who has developed and implemented an action plan to meet the college’s Strategic Planning and/or Academic Quality Improvement Project goals. This year’s LIFE Award was presented to Steve Johnson, Wade King, John Kroshus, Ivan Maas, Shane Suko, and Jeremiah Wood for the Mechatronics Technology program.

The Mechatronics Technology program began in the fall semester of 2012, following two years of planning. The initiative consisted of securing a North Dakota Workforce Enhancement Grant, and remodeling and equipping two new labs – a computer-integrated manufacturing lab and a robotics lab. The highly improved robotics lab served more than 100 students during the 2012-2013 academic year, and provides opportunities to meet needs identified by the NDSCS College Outreach department and TrainND.

The Steeple Award stands for “Climbing to New Heights” and is presented to an individual, employee group or committee for using new and innovative methods to accomplish their role on campus. This year’s Steeple Award was presented to the Welcome Week Team, consisting of Karen Bajumpaa, Jeff Bass, Sherry Bisek, McKayla Bradshaw, Ashlie Challner, Daniel Duppong, Dallas Fossum, Shawn Gilbertson, Paige Gratton, Jessika Henrickson, Kijia Homes, Jessica Hovelson, Darwin Jacobson, Melissa Johnson, Morgan Julius, Kerri Kava, Michelle Lenk, Hattie Marohl, Tami Matejcek, Bryan Midgarden, Elizabeth Phares Oren, Briannah Pierce, Neil Rittenour, Chelsea Sims, Becca Stotz, Allyson Suhr, Jane Vangsness Frisch, Betty Veland, Katie Wieser, Lisa Wixo, and Rebecca Zimmerman.

The Welcome Week Team used research data and knowledge of what other NDUS Campuses provide their students to incorporate changes that would affect the most crucial time for a new student – the first three weeks of the college year. The team consisted of a number of departments and employees who broke down silos and collaborated to better serve students. This team effort resulted in higher student satisfaction and positively impacted new students’ acclimation to NDSCS.

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