Wahpeton Daily News: Interim chancellor visits NDSCS

Photo by Matthew Liedke, Wahpeton Daily News.
Photo by Matthew Liedke, Wahpeton Daily News.

By: Matthew Liedke, Wahpeton Daily News

Wahpeton’s two-year college was just one of many stops on a whirlwind tour for Larry Skogen, the new interim chancellor of the North Dakota University System.

Skogen, who is traveling to various colleges and universities across the state, said he was having open dialogues with faculty, staff, students, community members and the media.

During his time at North Dakota State College of Science in Wahpeton Friday, he addressed what the University System is currently working on and held a question and answer period.

“We want to build trust across the state,” Skogen said.

His visit at NDSCS came after a stop at the University of North Dakota, and he had more institutions to visit later. While at NDSCS, Skogen praised current operations.

“It’s a wonderful institution, (President) John Richman and his team here do a great job. It’s directly involved in the economics of the state, NDSCS is providing the employees that employers are looking for,” he said.

In his public address Friday afternoon at the Bremer Bank Theatre, Skogen said the main mission of the North Dakota University System is to help students reach their goals.

“What we do is prepare students to do what they want to do with their lives, whether they are traditional students our non-traditional students, whoever comes to our campuses,” Skogen said. “That’s the reason we are here.”

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