Wahpeton Daily News: NDSCS Old Main renovation

By Matthew Liedke, Wahpeton Daily News

The iconic building on the North Dakota State College of Science campus, Old Main, is getting a makeover that will balance history with modern technology.

Dallas Fossum, executive director of facilities management at NDSCS, explained that Old Main will have a complete renovation with demolition and redesign of the interior. The renovations will include upgrades to the heating and cooling systems as well as new classrooms and faculty and administrative offices.

“The renovation will be a blend,” Fossum said. “We want to restore and preserve the historical aspect as much as we can, while at the same time add updated technology so students will have what they need in today’s classroom.”

The project will also work to reopen the fourth floor of the building, a section of that building contained classrooms, dorms, faculty offices and a dining hall.

“Everything was in the building,” Fossum said. “It was the building on campus.”

The moving out process has already started and will continue throughout the holiday season. Beginning in February, Fossum said, an asbestos abatement will allow contractors to move forward.

The project, together with the demolition of Hektner and Burch Hall, are being funded through the North Dakota State Legislature. The funding came in just over $8 million.

Fossum said NDSCS requested the funding as its capital project during the last session, to demolish Hektner and Burch Halls. The funding was for the demolition and to make the area into green space. The college will make another request for funding to the state legislature for new buildings in those two locations.

In regards to Old Main, Fossum said officials expect the renovations to be finished, allowing people to move in during the summer of 2015.

“It’s the icon of the campus, it’s something everybody recognizes,” Fossum said. “The people on campus are very excited about this and I’m very excited to restore it to its original appearance while at the same time including that advance in technology.”

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