Wahpeton Daily News: Beginner, advanced computer classes

By Matthew Liedke, Wahpeton Daily News

Computer classes will be offered February and March at North Dakota State College of Science in Wahpeton, covering multiple programs used both at home and the office.

The courses will take place Feb. 10, Feb. 20, March 5 and March 12 and are made possible due to a partnership between NDSCS College Outreach and TrainND Southeast. The first class will cover personal computers using Windows 7. The second will focus on Microsoft Excel 2010, the third on Microsoft Powerpoint 2010 and the fourth on Microsoft Word 2010.

Joe Schreiner, TrainND manager, said the first class covering Windows 7 is for beginners.

“This class is for a user that isn’t comfortable with computers,” he said. “The class will help them learn the basics and teach handling files and folders.”

The next three, Schreiner explained, are classified as “level two” courses and are a little more advanced.

“Those are for people who are using these programs in a sort of day-to-day basis. It’s given to people who just want to fine tune their skills,” Schreiner said. “The biggest reason people take the level two classes is to improve their job skill level since a lot of these are often used in a work place setting.”

Schreiner described how the classes have included bankers and retail workers enrolled in the classes to help improve their work.

The first course on Feb. 10 runs from 1-5 p.m. while the other three start at 8:30 a.m. and go until 4 p.m. Lunch is served during the courses for participants and coffee, water and refreshments are also available.

Also available during the course are workbooks, which attendees can keep and reference after the class is completed.

Registration for the courses is required three business days prior to each class and Schreiner said that a person can take just one or all four classes. The registration can be done over the phone at 701-231-6915 or at www.ndscs.edu/training. Those with questions can also contact Schreiner at his NDSCS office at 701-671-2721.

Costs for the courses vary between the introduction level and level two. The introduction to personal computers class is $79 and the three level two courses are $159. All of the courses will take place at the NDSCS Tech Center. Schreiner said that a minimum of four class participants are needed for each course to take place.

Computer courses aren’t the only types of teaching TrainND, Schreiner added, as the service tries to accommodate whatever the public needs.

“We try to offer multiple open enrollment classes, they aren’t only centered on computer skills. We do training in multiple areas where people can learn about job skills, leadership, management, customer service and technical training like welding and electric,” Schreiner said.

Feedback is usually strong for the courses given, too, as Schreiner said that mandatory class evaluations come back with a 99 percent satisfaction rate.

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