North Dakota State College of Science announces Spring Enrollment

Spring semester enrollment at the North Dakota State College of Science is 2,814 according to the official census, which is taken on the 20th instructional day of classes each semester. This compares to 2,842 students who registered for spring classes in 2013, or a one percent change.

During the past five years, NDSCS spring enrollment has grown by 24 percent from 2,272 students to 2,814. “The demand for our graduates remains very high, which is supported by our 98 percent placement rating,” said NDSCS President John Richman. “Our faculty and staff work diligently to help our students succeed while our industry partners contribute to a win-win educational experience. Many of our students have jobs waiting for them when they enroll.”

There are 1,482 full time students and 1,332 part time students. The freshman class is comprised of 1,738 students, and 1,076 students make up the sophomore class. Men remain in the majority, constituting 55 percent of the overall NDSCS student population.

Almost 73 percent of NDSCS students are from North Dakota, 21 percent are from Minnesota, almost three percent are from South Dakota and less than one percent are from Montana.

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