Wahpeton Daily News: Job fair put employers one-on-one with students

By Matthew Liedke, Wahpeton Daily News

Employers and students were able to connect with each other at North Dakota State College of Science Thursday during the school’s career fair.

In total, 194 employers were at the event with booths set up and 1,100 students from NDSCS came through to look at possible futures.

“It’s for students who are seeking both careers after graduation or internship experience,” said Jane Vangness Frisch, director of student success and career services at NDSCS.

The fair is an annual one, however, Vangness Frisch explained this year’s event focused on all kinds of employers and career opportunities.

“It allows for hiring from all areas, not just from one specific program,” Vangness Frisch said. “It’s a crossed disciplined fair.”

Vangness Frisch said the fair allows students to have connections with the employers in their field, and also gives them a chance to discover something new.

“It’s not just for the students who know what they want to do, but also for those who may not know exactly what to do with their degree,” she said. “This gives them exposure to the different fields and opportunities that are out there.

“The employers also appreciate this,” Vangness Frisch added. “It can be hard for a company to get their name out without a face. This gives them a chance to meet one-on-one with students.”

The fair itself went very well, as Vangness Frisch said that 15 employers offered students an interview right after it was over.

“This tells us that our students are well equipped and ready for the work force,” she said.

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