ND DPI: North Dakota honors College and Career Readiness Award Winners

The North Dakota College and Career Readiness Awards were presented this morning in the Brynhild Haugland Room of the state capitol, announced State Superintendent of Public Instruction Kirsten Baesler.   North Dakota collaborated with ACT, Inc. to celebrate the state’s progress toward the goal of college- and career-readiness for all students.

“Our College and Career Readiness Award recipients epitomize the best North Dakota has to offer,” Baesler said. “I wish each of our recipients the best as they are considered by ACT, Inc. for overall recognition.”

North Dakota presented one award in each category. The winners are: Sam Lim, Fargo North High School, Student Readiness; HESS, Inc. , Workplace Success (employer); North Dakota State College of Science, Career Preparedness (community college); and Carrington High School College and Career Transition (high school).  Criteria in each category reflect the student’s or the entity’s focus on the college and career readiness process. Together, the four awards reflect elements that help a young person successfully make the journey from high school to career: academic and community service excellence; successfully preparing students for their next steps after high school; ensuring students have the knowledge and skills to enter the workforce; and providing professional growth activities in the workplace and encouraging community service.

The 2014 College and Career Readiness Campaign awards program is a means to recognize a student and also three other entities that embody or advance North Dakota’s commitment to preparing students for success. The state’s award winners will now be considered by ACT, Inc. for overall recognition.

North Dakota will nominate its recipients for overall honors. An ACT, Inc., committee will select one national recipient in each of the four categories; national award recipients will be recognized at the ACT National Gala on College and Career Readiness in Washington, DC, on June 3. In addition to North Dakota, seven states are participating in the 2014 campaign: Alabama, Iowa, Louisiana, Minnesota, Montana, North Carolina, and Wisconsin.

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