High school and college students to perform

By Matthew Liedke

The North Dakota State College of Science Performing Arts Department is teaming up with other Twin Towns schools to perform a pair of concerts.

The two concerts will include a band performance at 7:30 p.m. Monday, Feb. 24 and a choir performance at 7:30 p.m. Monday, March 3. The concerts will include the NDSCS Concert Choir and Concert Band and the Wahpeton and Breckenridge High School bands.

Both of the concerts will take place at the Bremer Bank Theatre in the Harry Stern and Ella Stern Cultural Center on the NDSCS campus. Both performances will also feature a pair of guest conductors. The band will be led by Peter Haberman and the choir by Michael Smith.

Laurie LeKang, associate professor and Performing Arts Department chair, explained that NDSCS has been holding the concerts for decades.

“The heads of the performing arts at all three schools work together to make it happen,” LeKang said. “It’s a real good experience, to work with people on a different level. I have ninth grade students working with college students, so it’s good for learning all the way around.”

Both concerts are free and open to the public. The concerts will be accepting free-will donations.

“The concerts are done to spread good will across the river,” LeKang said. “It gets the community to work together and helps everyone get to know each other.”

“People will be able to hear a wide variety of music and people can hear it from a different perspective since there are different directors involved,” LeKang said.

Full article from Wahpeton Daily News

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