Daily News: The Curious Savage

By Matthew Liedke

North Dakota State College of Science will be the scene for entertainment three days this week.

The Performing Arts Department at NDSCS will present, “The Curious Savage” March 11-13 with each production starting at 7 p.m. at the Bremer Bank Theatre in the Harry Stern and Ella Stern Cultural Center.

The play is about a wealthy family who puts their mother in an asylum because she is giving away all of her money. As the plot continues, it seems more likely the family should be in the asylum instead of the mother.

NDSCS Theater Director Dean Foley said the comedy was chosen because he has past experience in handling the production.

“I’ve acted in it and directed it before,” Foley said. “Since this is the last time I’m doing a show here at the college, I wanted to pick a show I knew was enjoyable for everybody.”

As for the genre, Foley explained that he’s a comedy guy. “There is enough drama in life, we don’t need any more,” Foley said. “This will be good family-friendly entertainment for everybody.”

Foley said the production was made possible thanks to a team effort.

“It’s been nothing but stellar working with them. We’ve also received help, for example an instructor on campus, Barney Frank, and students from the diesel technology department helped with the set,” Foley said.

He gave credit where it is due.

“These guys here, they’re volunteering. All the students out there, they are involved in so many different things and yet they still take the time out of their day to help put on a play,” Foley continued. “The ones who deserve the credit are the actors and the ones behind the scenes.”

During each performance, donations are being accepted for the Richland Wilkin Food Pantry and good will offerings will also be accepted.

“We are accepting donations. The more food we can get, I know that helps them. If we can help them out, that’s what I’d like to do,” Foley said.

The NDSCS campus is located at 800 Sixth Street N in Wahpeton.

Full article from the Wahpeton Daily News

Department: Performing Arts

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