North Dakota State College of Science wins ADDY Award

North Dakota State College of Science recently received an advertising award that was presented at the annual ADDY Awards banquet sponsored by the American Advertising Federation of North Dakota (AAF-ND) in late February.

The advertising award, a Silver ADDY, is for the You Belong Here Wahpeton Viewbook. All collateral material elements were designed and executed by the NDSCS College Relations and Marketing department (Rebecca Truesdell, Sarah Hoffbeck, Dana Anderson, Beth Althoff and Barbara Spaeth-Baum) in collaboration with Flint Communications with photography by John Borge Studios and printing by Knight Printing. The Silver ADDY Award represents the College’s best work for the past year.

AAF-ND is one of 210 local affiliates of the American Advertising Federation (AAF), a nonprofit industry association, and a member of the 8th District (clubs from Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin). The AAF’s annual ADDY Awards program honors excellence in advertising and cultivates the highest creative standards.

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