NDSCS Faculty and Staff receive annual College Awards

Eight North Dakota State College of Science faculty and staff members have been chosen and named recipients of the College’s Excellence in Teaching Award and Meritorious Service Award for the 2013-2014 academic year.

The Excellence in Teaching Award recognizes instructors who, among other outstanding characteristics, demonstrate competence and sincere interest in their subjects, present material in a suitable, well-integrated fashion and encourage participation from students. Selection criteria includes student evaluations, feedback and deliberations by the selection committee.

This year’s recipients were chosen by a selection committee comprised of faculty members, students, academic deans and staff members from a group of 43 nominee finalists. The honorees are:

The Meritorious Service Award recognizes employees who consistently go above and beyond every day and exemplify the College’s values of learning, integrity, flexibility and excellence. Nominations are open to those serving in the professional, clerical, trades and service positions that are not on probationary status with recipients chosen by Human Resources and the Rewards and Recognition Committee. The honorees are:

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