Searchers continue investigation into NDSCS student’s disappearance (5/6/14)

Richland County authorities were joined by other area agencies to search the Wild Rice River west of Wahpeton today in an effort to locate any sign of missing North Dakota State College of Science (NDSCS) student, Andrew Sadek. The search resulted in no new leads. NDSCS Campus Police Sergeant Steve Helgeson said authorities will meet with the Richland County Sheriff’s Department on Wednesday, May 7 to determine next steps in the search. 

Meanwhile, Campus Police are emphasizing the public’s help in checking infrequently visited outbuildings or other outlying areas on private property for items that could be connected with Sadek. In addition, they are interested in learning if anyone offered a ride to a person matching Sadek’s description. Anyone who knows where Sadek is or has information regarding his whereabouts is urged to call Campus Police at 701-671-2233. 
Sadek, 20, left Nordgaard Hall on the Wahpeton campus around 2 a.m. on Thursday morning, May 1, 2014. There has been no reported contact with him since that time. Sadek, a Caucasian male, is 6 feet tall, 175 lbs. with curly brown hair and brown eyes. He was wearing blue jeans, orange and blue Nike tennis shoes, and a hooded black and red sweatshirt with the words “Tampa Bay Buccaneers Football” on the front. He was carrying a black and silver backpack with a Valley City State University logo.

Sadek is a native of Rogers, N.D., and is the son of John and Tammy Sadek.

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