Prairie Business: Komatsu partners with NDSCS for diesel tech program

Representatives from North Dakota State College of Science, Komatsu America Corp., General Equipment & Supplies Inc. and Road Machinery & Supplies Co. announced today an educational partnership resulting in the addition of a Diesel Technology - Komatsu program to the NDSCS Diesel Technology department.

Through this innovative partnership, students will receive state-of-the-art technical training on Komatsu construction equipment and related products. A combination of classroom instruction, hands-on laboratory instruction and cooperative educational work experience at participating Komatsu dealerships, like General Equipment & Supplies Inc. and Road Machinery & Supplies Co., will provide students with extensive experience servicing Komatsu equipment.

“We are pleased to add Komatsu as a partner and value their contributions to this program,” said John Richman, NDSCS president. “With the recent completion of our $10.3 million diesel educational facility expansion, the time is right to add this highly technical Diesel Technology - Komatsu program.”

The Diesel Technology - Komatsu program will be taught in Bisek Hall located in Wahpeton beginning August 2014. Graduates of the program will earn an Associate in Applied Science degree (A.A.S.) designed to develop technically competent, professional service technicians.

“NDSCS has been pivotal in making this partnership happen,” said Don Shilling, president of General Equipment & Supplies. “The need for highly educated diesel technicians continues to grow. In fact, we could easily hire a dozen technicians right now throughout our locations in North Dakota, Minnesota and South Dakota.”

Through scholarship assistance, program costs associated with tuition, fees and supplies may be reimbursed up to 90 percent depending on a student’s grade point average.

“We are excited to have our first batch of students starting at General Equipment & Supplies Inc. to officially launch this program,” said Shilling. “We anticipate even more interest as our recruiters visit high schools throughout the region to share about this high-tech program.”

Prospective students can learn more about the Diesel Technology - Komatsu program by visiting or calling Enrollment Services in Wahpeton at 1-800-342-4325.

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