Daily News: NDSCS announces partnership with Komatsu

By Matthew Liedke

North Dakota State College of Science announced a new partnership in Fargo Wednesday morning in the shadow of machinery that will be available for students to work on in the fall semester of 2014.

Partnering with General Equipment and Supplies, Inc. and Road Machinery and Supplies Co., NDSCS announced the addition of a Komatsu program to the school’s Diesel Technology department. Through the new curriculum, students will receive technical training on Komatsu construction equipment and related products.

“These are special moments when we can get worldwide corporations and two-year colleges working together to meet the workforce needs of North Dakota,” said NDSCS President Dr. John Richman.

“This partnership that we are announcing today will give Komatsu and our distributors the highly skilled technicians that are needed in today’s marketplace,” said Komatsu Director of Service Marketing and Distributor of Development Mike Hayes. “This will give students classroom instruction with hands-on laboratory learning on Komatsu machines and components.”

The program will take five semesters, which are divided into nine terms. Students will complete the first through third, fifth, seventh and ninth terms on campus and the fourth, sixth and eighth terms at a sponsoring Komatsu dealership.

Representatives from both General Equipment and Road Machinery were also present during the announcement.

“Road Machinery and Supplies is in its 88th year of business and 40th year of representing Komatsu products,” said Vice President of Product Support of Road Machinery and Supplies Mike Mencel. “What’s helped our company succeed is the quality of the people and we know that the future is with attracting younger people into this field and we think the NDSCS program is a great fit for our company.”

President of General Equipment and Supplies Donald Shilling said, “It’s an exciting day for us. We’ve been working with NDSCS for some time to make this dream a reality and it’s finally here.”

Barbara Bang, dean of technologies and services division at NDSCS, explained that the Komatsu program had been in development for years and the partnership will be a major benefit to the college.

“It’s impossible for us to provide the quality education without these kinds of partnerships … It’s essential and we are thrilled to have them here,” Bang said. “We find that the partnerships are the reasons people want to join the programs.”

“The Komatsu program is a great opportunity for individuals who want to get a start in this career. We see it as a valuable resource,” said Terry Marohl, diesel technology department chair at NDSCS.

Marohl said NDSCS set up the Komatsu program enrollment to accept 20 freshmen students. With the two-year program, there will be 20 first-year and 20 second-year students for 40 students at a time.

The enrollment at this point for NDSCS’ diesel program is 274 students.

Full article from the Wahpeton Daily News

Photo courtesy of the Wahpeton Daily News

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