NDSCS Names Associate Vice President Emerita and Dean Emerita

Dr. Gloria Dohman and Margaret Wall to be honored at Commencement Ceremony on May 16

The North Dakota State College of Science has named Dr. Gloria Dohman Associate Vice President Emerita and Margaret Wall Dean Emerita. Both Dohman and Wall will be honored on Friday, May 16 in Wahpeton during the College’s commencement ceremony.

The Emerita honor recognizes vice presidents, deans, directors, faculty and other professionals for providing exceptional and outstanding service to NDSCS. Factors in considering a candidate for emeritus status may include, but are not limited to: length of service to the institution (normally 10 years, but may be less in exceptional cases); significant contribution to the department, college, university system and/or state; and distinguished service to the faculty member’s academic discipline.

Dohman has 40 years of experience in education – 37 of which have been in higher education. During her years of service at NDSCS, Dohman coordinated and participated in the development and revisions of the Employee Quality Standards, the Plan to Assess Student Learning, Strategic Planning and the performance appraisal process. She also served as the first Chairperson on the following committees: Assessment Committee, General Education Committee, Entry Level Assessment Committee, AQIP Team, Quality Council of Wahpeton Breckenridge, Reward and Recognition Committee and Retention Committee.

Dohman was instrumental in the development and creation of the Office of Institutional Research at NDSCS. She also made numerous presentations at state, regional and national conferences highlighting NDSCS processes and accomplishments in the areas of student learning, institutional research, entry-level placement of students, retention planning and strategic planning.

Three goals that Dohman works toward in her professional career include making a difference in student’s lives, providing students with the best possible learning environment and making NDSCS an institution others strive to benchmark against. She credits her accomplishments as a result of the hard work of all of her coworkers.

Dohman and her husband, Terry, have two children, Robb and Kristin, and four grandchildren.

Wall began her career with NDSCS in 1974 as an instructor in the Secretarial Department (later renamed the Administration Department). In the spring of 1992, she developed the curriculum for the Office Administration Internship program, which soon became a model for other campus internship programs to follow.

In 1994, Wall was hired for the newly created position of Cooperative Education Coordinator. In this position, she worked with employers, faculty and students to place students within different types of businesses throughout the United States. During her tenure as Cooperative Education Coordinator, Wall continued to coordinate the Office Administration Internship program and the Computer Information Systems Internship program. In 2002, Wall stepped into the role of Distance Education Director, coordinating the development of several online courses and programs, which soon experienced significant increase. In July 2008, Wall was appointed Dean of Extended Learning, a new division for the campus consisting of the Library, Instructional Technology and the Distance Education Department.

Wall has also received a number of prestigious awards including the NDSCS Foundation Office Commitment to Excellence Award (2004), the Life Award for being a part of the team to implement the Pathway Program (2008) and the Career and Technical Education Administrator of the Year Award (2013).

After 38 years of service at NDSCS, Wall retired in 2013. She and her husband, John, have two children, Autumn and Jed, and four grandchildren.

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