NDSCS promotes Vangsness Frisch to lead New Student Success Area

North Dakota State College of Science recently promoted Jane Vangsness Frisch to Associate Vice President for the newly created Student Success, Career Services and Institutional Effectiveness division. This new division, a restructure of Institutional Effectiveness, Student Success/Career Services, the Academic Service Center and Academic Counseling into a central division, will provide students with academic advising, academic and career counseling, tutoring and assistance with the intent to bolster student success inside and outside the classroom.

Vangsness Frisch, originally from Okabena, Minn., graduated from North Dakota State University (NDSU) with a bachelor’s degree in both mass communication with an emphasis in public relations and health education. She also earned a master’s degree in mass communication and is currently pursuing a doctoral degree in education with an emphasis in institutional analysis, both from NDSU.

An NDSCS employee since early 2013, Vangsness Frisch previously served as the Director of Student Success and Career Services. Prior to her time at the College, Vangsness Frisch worked for the North Dakota University. 

Vangsness Frisch and her husband, Tom, reside in Dumont, Minn.

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