Daily News: Conference offers presentations on recruitment/training

By Matthew Liedke

Approximately 100 visitors from two- and four-year colleges and universities affiliated with the Associated Equipment Distributors are on the campus of North Dakota State College of Science this week for a new conference.

Starting Monday, June 16 and going through Thursday, June 19, NDSCS is hosting numerous presentations and speakers for its Associated Equipment Distributors Instructor Conference.

Presentations during the conference include student recruitment – what works and what doesn’t, lesson plans, subject coverage and keeping on task, the future of construction equipment and hydrostatic trainer, building up or acquiring and setting up for instruction.

The event also includes a full tour of the NDSCS campus as well as a tour of the Bobcat factory in Gwinner, N.D.

The AED Foundation, which is the groups affiliate for education matters, was founded in 1991.

According to information released at the conference, the AED Foundation enhances the success of member companies by encouraging continuous learning by providing the educational opportunities for today’s employees and by improving the ability and quality of equipment industry employees in the future.

On Tuesday, NDSCS President John Richman gave a presentation during the conference called “A College Perspective: College/Industry Partnering and Tech Recruitment Development.”

“We don’t talk jobs, we talk careers,” Richman said in his address to a full lecture room in Horton Hall. “We are trying to show people careers and prove to the students that they don’t have to leave North Dakota.”

Also included in Richman’s comments was the importance of partnerships with companies that provide internships for students and keeping the cost of college affordable.

Full article from the Wahpeton Daily News

Photo courtesy of the Wahpeton Daily News

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