NDSCS Summer Enrollment takes a leap

North Dakota State College of Science 2014 summer enrollment has increased almost six percent over 2013 as of Monday, July 7, the College’s official census reporting day. Total enrollment for Wahpeton, Fargo and online students is at 822 compared to 2013 when enrollment was at 779.

This summer, there are 335 full time students and 487 part time students enrolled at NDSCS with 309 freshman and 513 sophomores taking classes. Meanwhile, the percentage of students from North Dakota, Minnesota and South Dakota represents nearly 95 percent of the student body.

NDSCS President John Richman attributes the continued growth to the College’s 98 percent placement rating for graduates who are launching their careers or transferring on to four-year institutions to continue their education. 

“NDSCS continues to be a smart choice for those seeking well-paying careers right out of college as well as for those who plan to transfer on to obtain a bachelor’s degree after graduation,” said Richman. “Our faculty and staff work diligently to help our students succeed while our industry partners contribute to a win-win educational experience. Many of our students have jobs already waiting for them when they enroll.”

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