NDSCS receives Top Marks for Online Options

NDSCS ranks 40th in two-year colleges by BestColleges.com

North Dakota State College of Science was recently ranked No. 40 among two-year colleges for the “100 Best Online Colleges for the 2014 Academic Year” by BestColleges.com.

“We are honored to receive this designation,” said NDSCS President Dr. John Richman. “This is an affirmation of the College’s online options for those students who are not able to be on campus.”

An initial list of colleges offering degrees online was compiled from the latest information from the IPEDS and College Navigator databases, both of which are maintained by the National Center for Education Statistics. From there, schools were narrowed down to only include colleges that had at least two out of the following four data points published in one of those two databases: acceptance, retention, graduation and enrollment rates.

NDSCS currently offers 11 online options including: Architectural Drafting and Estimating Technology, Business Technology Management, Certificate to A.A.S. Practical Nursing Curriculum Plan, Health Information Technician, Liberal Arts/Transfer, Marketing Management, Medical Coding, Pharmacy Technician, Technical Studies, Web Design and Web Developer.

Complete an entire program online or take one of many general education courses. Go to www.ndscs.edu/online to learn more.

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