President Richman outlines outlook for NDSCS in State of the College Address

Dr. Richman
Dr. Richman

​NDSCS President John Richman, Ph.D., summarized the most recent successes of the College during today’s State of the College Address held in the Harry Stern and Ella Stern Cultural Center in Wahpeton, N.D.

His vision for the future includes: Better serving the unmet needs of adult and non-traditional students in North Dakota’s largest population center, Fargo; working closely with the North Dakota State University and other North Dakota University System bachelor degree-granting institutions in student transfers to ensure the educational goals of students are met; and developing an Adult Concierge position which will be the point of contact at NDSCS and will work one-on-one with adult learners from the time contact begins all the way through graduation.  

To learn more about Dr. Richman’s vision for the College, read his State of the College Address at

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