NDSCS-Fargo STEM Outreach Coordinator selected as Solar System Ambassador

Carrie Leopold
Carrie Leopold

​North Dakota State College of Science announced today that Carrie Leopold, NDSCS-Fargo STEM outreach coordinator, has been selected as a Solar System Ambassador in NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory public outreach program for 2013.           

Leopold was one of five women chosen from North Dakota to participate in this competitive volunteer program. Solar System Ambassadors are volunteers who organize community events about space science and NASA missions. Volunteers throughout the country are selected based on their backgrounds  and on their plans for public outreach activities.           

Leopold graduated from Moorhead State University – Minnesota with a bachelor’s degree in biology and holds a master’s degree in education from the University of Mary. She is currently pursuing her doctoral degree in education research at the University of North Dakota. Besides working as the STEM Outreach Coordinator at NDSCS-Fargo, Leopold is also a part of NASA’s professional development network, which provides resources and training to area teachers.            

For further information about the Solar System Ambassadors program, visit www.jpl.nasa.gov/ambassador.

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