Daily News: Freshman orientation at NDSCS is a week of activities

By Matthew Liedke

This year’s orientation at North Dakota State College of Science is longer and more jam-packed then ever before.

The “Move-In and Welcome Week” at NDSCS for incoming first-year students starts Saturday and ends Thursday, Aug. 29. Director of Student Success and Career Services Jane Vangsness Frisch said the major change to this year’s orientation is the main move-in day is now Saturday.

“Our students before would move in on Sunday and then have orientation on Monday,” Vangsness Frisch said. “Because a lot of our students come from far away, we wanted to make sure that students and family members would get acclimated to NDSCS.”

Vangsness Frisch said this was a longer, more in-depth orientation event and included additional activities. More students and their families will be arriving Friday, because of the Saturday move-in.

“It gives the town another day of revenue, too,” she added.

One of the benefits to the longer orientation time is families of students can also spend more time in the community.

“Previously, when move-in was on Sunday, family would have to drop the students off and wouldn’t have much time. Now, they have a full weekend,” Vangsness Frisch said.

Orientation will include a bus tour to help the students and family get used to the Twin Towns area. Barbara Spaeth-Baum, executive director of College Relations and Marketing, said it’s important the community makes students feel welcome as this relationship can help them be “successful when they make those connections.”

A “Wildcat Welcome Team,” made up of experienced students, will help incoming first year students become acclimated to the college.

“We want to help them get excited for everything coming up over the next year. We want to show them what it really means to be a Wildcat,” Vangsness Frisch said.

“It’s what’s unique to us,” Spaeth-Baum said of orientation week. “We are very much like a four-year college. That’s what sets us apart. Other colleges aren’t going to have the big move-in weekends.”

Full article from the Wahpeton Daily News

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