Daily News: NDSCS students move-in over the weekend

By Matthew Liedke

Move-in day for North Dakota State College of Science went smoothly Saturday, despite hot temperatures, mainly due to the new Wildcat Welcome Team.

Chelsey Mehrer, a first-year NDSCS student in the culinary arts program, toured the campus earlier this summer. She said the team was “awesome.”

“We had to park far away and I thought we would have to walk all the way but they helped us out. It went a lot faster than I would have thought,” she said.

Judy Pierson was assisting her granddaughter, a second-year student named Kirsten Pierson. She, too, had a similar response.

“It went super. There was a lot of help,” she said. “This was very well organized.”

Bryan Midgarden, a member of the Wildcat Welcome Team, said that it has helped make the move in day better.

“It’s improved a lot. Now we have teachers who have come to help out, ATVs can go and grab stuff and we have the Wildcat Welcome Team and the RA’s assisting,” Midgarden said. “It’s way faster and way more efficient, it would be a good idea to have it next year, too.”

Saturday marked the day when it was mainly first-years who moved in. Assistant Director of Residential Life Elizabeth Phares-Oren said this was to keep things better coordinated.

Full article from the Wahpeton Daily News

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