WDAY: NDSCS ranked 3 in nation among community colleges

By: Kevin Wallevand

The school year at NDSCS in Wahpeton has kicked off in a high-profile way.

The prestigious Washington Monthly Magazine has ranked the college in Wahpeton number three in the nation among community colleges.

Keeping pace with the science and technology advances has NDSCS attracting students and head hunters in the corporate world who want them.

The welcome signs on campus this fall say it all: This is High Tech Heaven. NDSCS in Wahpeton has, for the past few years, exploded with students who want to get in and get out. Come here and learn a high-tech trade and leave here in two years for the workplace. The ranking by Washington Monthly, NDSCS number 3 in the country, has President John Richman beaming.

John Richman- NDSCS President: “That placement rate at 99 percent; it gives a testimony that what we do is working and it is working well.”

Students Austin Tysver and Alan Martin of Dickinson admit they are motor heads: Love cars. And so they headed east and plan to return home out west when school is done and they start getting paychecks for doing what they love.

Austin Tysver- NDSCS Student: “The kids they turn out of here, just really impresses me and their work impresses me.”

One of the pluses of NDSCS has been teaming up with corporate America and high tech giants. In fact, days from now, NDSCS will announce another partnership.

Alan Martin- NDSCS Student: “Job placement is really good and smaller classes one on one, and you learn more from your teacher and they are so friendly.”

The demand for other graduates is just as strong: Health care, construction; one more feather in the cap for one of America’s oldest two-year schools, right in our own backyard.

Meantime, Bisek Hall on the NDSCS campus is set to become North America’s largest Diesel Tech Educational Facility.

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