Four NDSCS students nominated for All-North Dakota Academic Team

Four students from the North Dakota State College of Science have been nominated for the 2019 All-North Dakota Academic Team, which recognizes the academic achievements of community college students.

The students, listed with their program of study and their hometown, are:

Transfer Scholars:

  • Carmen Albrecht, Liberal Arts, Moorhead, Minn.
  • Joncy Mastel, Liberal Arts, Wahpeton, N.D.

Workforce Scholars:

  • Serena Langen, Architectural Drafting and Estimating Technology, Perham, Minn.
  • Amanda Mittlestadt, Precision Machining Technology, Glendive, Mont.

Four students from NDSCS are able to be nominated to the All-North Dakota Academic Team. Two Liberal Arts students are named as Transfer Scholars, and two students studying career and technical education programs are named as Workforce Scholars. Applications were evaluated based on academic excellence, campus involvement and contributions to the community. The students will be recognized at a banquet in Bismarck on Tuesday, March 19.

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