NDSCS Announces Fall 2018 Graduates

The North Dakota State College of Science in Wahpeton, N.D., awarded degrees, diplomas and certificates to 68 Wahpeton, Fargo, N.D., and online fall semester 2018 graduates. The graduates include:

Anna Pascual, Certificate, Health Information

Marshall Stevenson, A.A.S., Diesel Technology
Avon: Kenneth Weber, A.A., Liberal Arts
Barnesville: Janet Gerner, A.A.S., Practical Nursing
Breckenridge: Crystal Bridgers, A.A.S., Electrical Technology; Madison Differding, A.A., Liberal Arts
Dilworth: Carly Irwin, A.A.S., Practical Nursing
Fergus Falls: Tanner Bump, Certificate, Information and Communications Technology; Abbey Grunewald, A.A.S., Practical Nursing; Ethan Heinen, A.A.S., Diesel Technology
Isanti: Aaron Lorenzen, A.A.S., Welding Technology
Mahnomen: Benjamin Podlak, A.A.S., Diesel Technology
Minnesota Lake: Lydia Benning, A.A.S., Practical Nursing
Moorhead: Kelvin Brandl, A.A.S., Diesel Technology; Samantha Hartjen, A.A.S., Agriculture; Kortney Petermann, A.A.S., Practical Nursing; William Rage, A.A.S., Information and Communications Technology
Perham: Jaci Schuett, A.A.S., Practical Nursing
St. Paul: Antonio Hollamon, A.A., Liberal Arts
Thief River Falls: Austin Stavenes, A.A.S., Diesel Technology
Zimmerman: Jack Mohr, A.A., Liberal Arts

Kimberlyn Tompt, A.S., Liberal Arts

Brenda Reinowski, Certificate, Health Information
Bismarck: Kaitlyn Grossman, A.S., Liberal Arts
Carrington: Toni Hruby, A.A.S., Dental Assisting; Tristen Prosser, A.A.S., Practical Nursing
Casselton: Jonathan Coyle, A.A.S., Electrical Technology
Dickinson: Samantha Dvorak, A.A.S., Culinary Arts
Fairmount: Madison Kaehler, A.A.S., Practical Nursing
Fargo: Katherine Hahn, A.A., Liberal Arts; Marie Kehson, A.A.S., Practical Nursing; Sabimana Laurenti, A.A.S., Building Construction Technology; Brittany Myhre, A.A., Liberal Arts; Michaella Nkurayija, A.A., Liberal Arts; Nikolas Savageau, A.A.S., Business Management; Claire Suckow, A.A.S., Practical Nursing; Thomas Weifenbach, Certificate, Plumbing
Fingal: Beau Gronhovd, A.A.S., Business Management
Grand Forks: Lisa Bucholz, A.A., Liberal Arts
Hazen: Tristan Burr, A.A.S., Diesel Technology; Kyle Larson, A.A.S., Diesel Technology
Hillsboro: Ashley Moore, A.A.S., Business Management
Jamestown: Lindsey Emo, A.A.S., Practical Nursing
Kindred: Raina Brown, A.A.S., Practical Nursing
Lincoln: Hannah Bentz, Certificate, Dental Assisting
Linton: Nicholas Werlinger, A.A.S., Electrical Technology
Lisbon: Alea Hegreberg, A.A.S., Practical Nursing; Kyle Lere, A.A., Liberal Arts; Cassie Witte, A.A.S., Business Management
Mandan: Noel Nadeau, A.A.S., Practical Nursing
Mapleton: Alexandra Rohrich, A.A.S., Business Management
Max: Justin Gasmann, A.A.S., Diesel Technology
McHenry: Tyler Leichtman, A.A.S., Diesel Technology
Rugby: Spencer Koemstedt, A.A.S., Diesel Technology; Peyton Livedalen, A.A.S., Electrical Technology
Stirum: Cole Sweet, A.A.S., Welding Technology
Wahpeton: Brianna Hanson, A.A.S., Practical Nursing; Carin Kassa, A.A.S., Business Management; Alaina Keller, Certificate, Health Information; Austin Krause, A.A., Liberal Arts; Aaron Lee, A.A.S., Agriculture; Hannah Sestak-Miller, A.A., Liberal Arts
West Fargo: Cayenne Doxtader, A.A., Liberal Arts; Abdirahman Sufi, A.A., Liberal Arts
Wheatland: Jacob Kensok, A.A.S., Information and Communications Technology
Wimbledon: Mathew Rose, Certificate, Plumbing

Peter Decker, Certificate, Health Information

Jessica Mogard-Reil, A.A.S., Emergency Medical Services

Maxwell Race, A.A., Liberal Arts

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