NDSCS Fall Enrollment remains steady

Fall enrollment numbers have once again remained steady at the North Dakota State College of Science. Total student enrollment is 2,957, which includes Wahpeton, Fargo, online and early entry students. This is a decrease of less than 1% compared to fall 2017 enrollment, which totaled 2,985.

The number of high school students taking Early Entry classes through NDSCS has increased by more than 16% from 714 in 2017 to 833 in 2018. Early Entry classes allow students to begin earning college credits while still fulfilling their high school requirements.

There are 1,589 full time students, while 1,368 students are enrolled part time. There are 875 students living on the NDSCS Wahpeton campus in residence halls or apartments. The enrollment data shows that the number of students from North Dakota increased 2.3% to 2,097, with 46 of the state’s 53 counties represented.

While NDSCS student retention data is not yet available, the College projects that number to increase, with more than 70% of students remaining with NDSCS to work toward degree completion.

“The projected increase in student retention is evidence that our continued focus and investment in supporting students is translating into fulfilling our mission of educating the workforce of North Dakota and this region,” said NDSCS President John Richman.

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