NDSCS recognized with National Rankings

North Dakota State College of Science has received national recognition from two publications that have recently ranked the College among the nation’s best.

NDSCS was included at #14 on a list by Forbes that ranks the nation’s Top Two-Year Trade Schools. The list, revealed in an article titled “The Top 25 Two-Year Trade Schools: Colleges That Can Solve The Skills Gap”, evaluated more than 700 schools across the nation, and considered post-graduate success, affordability, completion success and student experience.

The College was also ranked #15 among public institutions in a report by the Chronicle of Higher Education in its 2018 Almanac of Higher Education titled “2-Year Colleges With the Best 3-Year Graduation Rates, 2016”. The report ranked 762 institutions based on their percentage of first-time, full-time, degree- or certificate-seeking students who entered in the fall of 2013 and graduated within three years.

“These recognitions acknowledge the great work of our employees at NDSCS,” said NDSCS President John Richman. “The rankings are an indication of our efforts to support our students’ success, and the steps we are taking to fulfill our mission of educating and training the workforce of North Dakota and the surrounding region.”

Additional Information:
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Forbes.com: How The Top Two-Year Trade School Ranking Is Scored
Chronicle.com: 2-Year Colleges With the Best 3-Year Graduation Rates, 2016

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