NDSCS Announces Fall 2017 Graduates

The North Dakota State College of Science in Wahpeton, N.D., awarded degrees, diplomas and certificates to 106 Wahpeton, Fargo, N.D., and online fall semester graduates. The graduates include:

A.A. = Associate in Arts
A.A.S. = Associate in Applied Science
A.S. = Associate in Science

Sierra Vista:
Jerrica Owens, Certificate, Health Information

James Ubaike, A.A., Liberal Arts

Green Cove Springs:
Dana Pereira, A.A., Liberal Arts

Jennifer Pere, Certificate, Health Information

Riley Thoma, A.S., Liberal Arts
Brooten: Austin Kollman, A.A.S., Electrical Technology
Burnsville: Fabian Oberg, A.A., Liberal Arts
Fergus Falls: Jake Lee, A.A.S., Land Surveying & Civil Engineering Technology; Alicia Rundell, A.A., Liberal Arts
Fertile: Nathan Swenson, Certificate, Emergency Medical Services
Foley: Haley Kelvington, A.A., Liberal Arts
Grand Rapids: Jason Hussman, Certificate, Emergency Medical Services; Mitchel Johnson, A.A.S., Emergency Medical Services
Hawley: Katrina Goodhart, A.A., Liberal Arts
Hutchinson: Cody Wright, A.A.S., Precision Machining Technology
McIntosh: Brooke Christianson, A.A.S., Practical Nursing; Matt Thompson, Diploma, Diesel Technology
Menahga: Lacey Erickson, A.A.S., Business Management
Moorhead: Megan Baker, A.A.S., Emergency Medical Services; Amanda Brooks-Samek, A.A.S., Practical Nursing; Jordan Lutz, A.A.S., Diesel Technology; Kari McIntire, Certificate, Emergency Medical Services; Ashley Mortiere, Certificate, Health Information; Onesphort Mwamba, A.A.S., Building Construction Technology/Construction Management Technology; Ryan Werness, Certificate, Emergency Medical Services
Rothsay: Alex Hendrickson, A.A., Liberal Arts
Solway: Julia Anderson, Certificate, Emergency Medical Services
St. Charles: Kelly Krueger, A.A.S., Emergency Medical Services
Ulen: Aaron Wang, A.A., Liberal Arts
Villard: Rebecca Weir, A.S., Liberal Arts

Kyle Humbert, Certificate, Welding Technology

Shana Huber, A.S., Liberal Arts and A.A.S., Practical Nursing
Bismarck: Bethany Materi, A.S., Liberal Arts
Bowman: Emily Halleen, A.A.S., Emergency Medical Services
Carrington: Sarah Fread, A.A.S., Practical Nursing
Devils Lake: Neil Haahr, A.A.S., Business Management
Driscoll: Jennifer Berg, Certificate, Emergency Medical Services
Dwight: Amber Fermoyle, A.A.S., Practical Nursing
Edgeley: Courtney Bitz, A.A.S., Practical Nursing; Sarah Huber, A.A.S., Practical Nursing
Fairmount: Carl Leinen, A.A., Liberal Arts and A.A.S., Practical Nursing
Fargo: Emir Abaza, A.A.S., Practical Nursing; Haley Casler, A.A.S., Practical Nursing; Kaia Christl, A.A.S., Business Management; Amanda Fangsrud, A.A.S., Practical Nursing; Brett Fordyce, A.A.S., Practical Nursing; Branden Graves, A.A.S., Information and Communications Technology; Caitlin Halter, A.A., Liberal Arts; Christina Hasbrouck, A.A.S., Practical Nursing; Shanda Hayden, A.S., Liberal Arts; Allison Houska, A.A.S., Practical Nursing; Kristina Kalk, A.A.S., Practical Nursing; Alyssa Kath, A.A.S., Practical Nursing; Jennifer Landis, A.A.S., Practical Nursing; Anna Linn, A.A.S., Information and Communications Technology; Timothy Linn, A.A.S., Information and Communications Technology; Annie Morton, A.A.S., Practical Nursing; Courtney Sorlien, A.A., Liberal Arts; Stephanie Tegtmeier, Certificate, Emergency Medical Services; Riley Wanzek, A.A.S., Business Management
Fingal: Amber Schmidt, A.A.S., Practical Nursing
Fort Ransom: Payton Swenson, A.S., Liberal Arts and A.A.S., Practical Nursing
Hankinson: Halie Kloster, A.A., Liberal Arts; Teri Loll, A.A.S., Practical Nursing
Harvey: Carrie Legg, Certificate, Health Information
Hickson: Megan Narog, A.A.S., Practical Nursing
Hillsboro: Shenay Connelly, A.A.S., Practical Nursing
Horace: Amy Mischke, A.A.S., Practical Nursing
Langdon: Collin Olson, A.A.S., Agriculture
Lidgerwood: Cheyenne Aker, A.A.S., Practical Nursing
Lisbon: Brenda Lamb, A.A.S., Practical Nursing; Alexandra Lemieux, A.A., Liberal Arts; Allison Lere, A.A.S., Practical Nursing; Justine Nieves, A.A.S., Practical Nursing; Samantha Toyne, Certificate, Health Information
Minot: Mason Bahl, Certificate, Welding Technology; ShiAnn Heil, A.S., Liberal Arts; Alexander Holm, A.A.S., Construction Management Technology
Mooreton: Sydney Klosterman, A.A.S., Practical Nursing
Niagara: Cody Klayson, A.A.S., Diesel Technology
Oakes: Kayla Munro, A.A.S., Practical Nursing; Emma Quandt, A.A.S., Practical Nursing
Oxbow: Riley McPhail, A.A.S., Electrical Technology
Reiles Acres: Marcus Miller, A.A.S., Agriculture
Rugby: Renata Warner, Certificate, Health Information
Strasburg: Robin Mosset, A.A.S., Business Management
Thompson: Jacob Hovet, A.A.S., Construction Management Technology
Verona: Samantha Lamb, A.A.S., Practical Nursing
Wahpeton: Brittany Scott, Certificate, Health Information; Charles Wieser, Diploma, Diesel Technology
West Fargo: Morgan Cossette, A.A.S., Practical Nursing; Andrew Heisler, A.A.S., Construction Management Technology; Shailey Lorenz, A.A.S., Practical Nursing; Zachary Torres, A.A.S., Construction Management Technology; Elisa Wenzel, A.A.S., Practical Nursing
Willow City: Leigha Schmaltz, A.A.S., Agriculture

Samuel Ehora, A.A.S., Diesel Technology

Laura Guindon, Certificate, Health Information
Rosholt: Hope Brandell, A.A.S., Practical Nursing; Brianna Sand, A.A., Liberal Arts
Sisseton: Stacey Bochat, A.A.S., Practical Nursing

Cody Northway, A.A., Liberal Arts

Dufresne, Manitoba:
Courtney Wray, A.A.S., Practical Nursing

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