NDSCS announces Construction Industry Workforce Partnership

The North Dakota State College of Science Division for Workforce Affairs is announcing a partnership with the Minnesota / North Dakota Chapter of Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) to offer Construction Core, a Rapid Response Training, as a pre-apprenticeship program.

The training will be offered quarterly, with the first session at NDSCS-Fargo beginning in March 2018. The class will be limited to eight students per session, so individuals are encouraged to register early. Construction Core Training will consist of National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER) Core Curriculum and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) 10-hour training. Trainees will receive 72 hours of instruction over 12 weeks, with a mix of classroom and at-home study.

This new training offering will help to fill a need for additional skills in the region’s workforce. Trainees will be prepared to begin a rewarding career in the construction industry and the opportunity to be certified in core competencies for the construction industry. This training will help to connect the students to employers in the region who will invest in and foster their careers. 

“Associated Builders and Contractors of MN/ND recognizes the need to foster the younger generation of workers. However, we also have a tremendous need for workers right now. The Construction Core training will help answer the current need,” said Jennifer Erickson, Regional Director, Associated Builders and Contractors of MN/ND.

“Today’s companies are competing in a fast-paced and highly technical environment and a trained workforce is essential,” said Joe Schreiner, NDSCS, TrainND Director. “We look forward to providing the training and the skilled workforce needed by our newest partner, Associated Builders and Contractors.”

For more information regarding Construction Core training, please contact Joe Schreiner, NDSCS TrainND Director, at 701-671-2721, or Jennifer Erickson, Regional Director, Associated Builders and Contractors of MN/ND, at 701-238-8853.

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