NDSCS to begin search for new Head Football Coach

The North Dakota State College of Science Athletic Department will soon launch a search for a new head football coach to succeed Merle Johnson, who will leave his post in December. Johnson served as the Wildcats head football coach for the past four seasons.

The Wildcats football team finished its 2017 season with a record of 5-4, and was 26-14 in the four seasons Johnson was at the helm. In addition, Johnson oversaw the football program as they transitioned from the Midwest Football Conference to the Minnesota College Athletic Conference (MCAC) in 2014.

“We thank Coach Johnson for his leadership of the Wildcat football team over the past four seasons and during our transition to the MCAC,” said NDSCS Athletic Director Stu Engen. “With our dedicated group of assistant coaches and returning players, I have confidence that the team will be in great hands as we prepare for the 2018 season and begin the process of identifying our new head coach.”

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