Daily News: NDSCS marks completion of project

Photo by Frank Stanko, Wahpeton Daily News
Photo by Frank Stanko, Wahpeton Daily News

By Frank Stanko

It took two years and $13 million, but North Dakota State College of Science’s infrastructure replacement project is complete.

Since 2015, NDSCS has replaced the majority of its underground water and sewer lines on the Wahpeton campus. The project also included repairing or replacing several streets and parking lots on campus, as well as enhancing campus security.

“I am proud that I can look anyone in the eye and honestly say we have one of the safest, cleanest, healthiest campuses not just in North Dakota, but in the entire country,” said Dr. John Richman, NDSCS president Friday, Oct. 6.

Read the full article online at wahpetondailynews.com.

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