NDSCS hires Susie Carlson

The North Dakota State College of Science Division for Workforce Affairs has hired Susie Carlson as a Sales Manager at its NDSCS-Fargo location, which is located at 1305 19th Avenue North. She can be reached at 701-231-6912. Information about the NDSCS Division for Workforce Affairs is available online at ndscs.edu/training.

Carlson will serve as the liaison between NDSCS and business and industry. She will be an access point for workforce related services and programs that include TrainND training services, workforce partner/member services and workforce development. She will also be responsible for identifying prospective clients, conducting needs assessments, delivering workforce proposals and delivering regional training. Carlson is certified as a CTT+ Technical Trainer, Microsoft Master Instructor and Expert Level Microsoft Office User Specialist.

Carlson was previously employed with NDSCS as a Training Account Executive from 2002-2012. She graduated from North Dakota State University with a Bachelor of Science in Public Relations / Mass Communications and a minor in Business Administration.

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