NDSCS Fall Enrollment remains steady at just below 3,000

Fall enrollment numbers are now official for the North Dakota State College of Science. Total student enrollment is 2,985, which includes Wahpeton, Fargo, online and early entry students. This is a slight drop compared to fall 2016 enrollment, which totaled 3,003.

Fall enrollment data shows 442 students taking at least one class at the NDSCS-Fargo location, which is a nearly 3% increase over 2016. There are 483 students taking classes at multiple NDSCS locations, or through a combination of in-person and online instruction. The number of high school students taking Early Entry classes through NDSCS has increased by more than 4% from 684 in 2016 to 714.

The student body is comprised of 1,942 freshmen and 1,043 sophomores. There are 1,707 full time students, while 1,278 are enrolled part time. There are 963 students living on the NDSCS Wahpeton campus in residence halls or apartments.

There are 2,050 students from North Dakota, with 47 of the state’s 53 counties represented.

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