December, 2018

NDSCS graduates report 99 percent placement

December 20, 2018

Originally posted 12/20/2018. Updated 1/10/2019 to reflect corrected percentage of out-of-state students who have indicated they are remaining in North Dakota.

North Dakota State College of Science’s 2018 Graduate Placement Report has revealed that 99 percent of the College’s 2018 career and technical education graduates are employed or continuing their education. NDSCS has consistently reported a 98 or 99 percent placement rate since 2010.

Of the 29 programs reporting, 24 recorded 100 percent placement. The beginning average annual salary of a 2018 graduate is $40,872, which is a more than four percent increase over the previous year.

According to information recently compiled by NDSCS, upon completion of their program of study, 66 percent of the graduates employed are employed in the state of North Dakota, while 85 percent of those pursuing additional education are doing so at a college or university located in North Dakota. Of those students who did not reside in North Dakota prior to attending NDSCS, 30 percent have indicated that they are employed or continuing their education in the state.

The NDSCS Graduate Placement Report is compiled each year by the NDSCS Student Affairs Division. Statistics for this year’s report were based on information gathered from 526 graduates in December 2017, May 2018 and August 2018. A detailed report can be found at

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