October, 2017

NDSCS honors employee efforts with 2017 LIFE and Steeple awards

October 27, 2017

North Dakota State College of Science honored two employee teams with the College’s annual LIFE and Steeple awards on October 25, 2017. This year’s LIFE award was presented to the HVAC-R Trane Lab, while the Steeple award was presented to the Building Success at Science Initiative.

This year’s LIFE award recognized the HVAC-R Trane Lab. The recipients included Jeff Kukert, Mark Wood, Leslie Shirek, Tana Erbes, Barbara Bang, Dallas Fossum, Darrell Schreiber, David Cooper, Mark Eklund and Jodi Ost. The LIFE Award stands for “Bringing LIFE to NDSCS” and recognizes collaborative efforts that support the LIFE values of the College. The award is presented to an individual, employee group or committee for developing and implementing an action plan for Strategic Planning or Academic Quality Improvement Project goals.

In June 2016 NDSCS obtained a partnership with the Trane company. This partnership included funding for state-of-the art commercial air conditioning equipment for the lab, advanced digital building control systems and software as well as the Variable Air Volume boxes to control airflow with the controllers. In October 2016 grant funding was awarded to renovate the existing lab and classroom. Additional funding was donated by industry and alumni. These funding sources converted the two spaces in the Mechanical Systems building into a state-of-the-art commercial controls and equipment learning center. Students will receive training and certification, which is only available in a few select colleges in the country. NDSCS can now host NC3 certifications for the existing workforce in the region as well. A secondary impact of the partnership announcement as well as the renovation is an increase in first-year student enrollment. Fall 2017 brought the department beyond its capacity and some students were placed on a waiting list.

This year’s Steeple award was presented to the Building Success at Science Initiative. The recipients included Clinton Gilbertson, Barbara Spaeth-Baum, Kyle Armitage, Justin Grams, Kari Hasbargen, Maria Kaduc, Joe Schreiner, Dr. William Shay and Randy Stach. The Steeple award stands for “Climbing New Heights” and is presented to an individual, employee group or committee for new and innovative methods to accomplish their role on campus. Criteria for the award include taking a risk, thinking outside the box, just-in-time delivery and how that addresses immediate needs, shared innovation, impact on student learning and development, and documented results.

To enhance student success, the College plans to work together to build an effective academic and non-academic program review process entitled “Building Success @ Science.” This action project encompasses the first phase of the process, establishing the leadership and communication channels to provide input and explain the initiative. The team that was nominated by their peers and undertook this project was exemplary.  They went above and beyond the task at hand and made a much larger impact by developing a transparent and open communication process that could be used for all College initiatives. The communication process that was the product of this group is now fully implemented and is positively impacting the transparency and communication of the College community. The NDSCS Management Team adopted this process and it is now an expectation of all major College initiatives. This group exemplified each aspect of the NDSCS Quality Standards – especially customer experience, communication and teamwork.

NDSCS Performing Arts Department to present Fall Concert October 24

October 12, 2017

The NDSCS Performing Arts Department will present its first concert of the season on Tuesday, October 24, 2017 at 7:30 p.m. in the Bremer Bank Theatre in the Harry Stern and Ella Stern Cultural Center.

All music groups, including the NDSCS Concert Band, Concert Choir, Jazz Band and Wildcat Singers, will perform during the concert. The concert is free and open to the public. Free-will donations will be accepted.

InForum: NDSCS gets $13.3 million upgrade, new $1 million lab-classroom

October 11, 2017

By Patrick Springer

The North Dakota State College of Science here has completed a $13.3 million infrastructure upgrade of its campus that includes new water and sewer lines, roads and walkways.

The upgrade, completed after two years of construction, resulted in a campus beautification project that included planting 380 trees as well as reseeding and restoration of 17 acres that involved planting native grasses, shrubs and other plants.

The overhaul, from appropriations granted by lawmakers in 2015, enabled the campus to wipe 20 percent of its deferred maintenance projects off its books.

Read the full article online at

Daily News: NDSCS marks completion of project

October 11, 2017

By Frank Stanko

It took two years and $13 million, but North Dakota State College of Science’s infrastructure replacement project is complete.

Since 2015, NDSCS has replaced the majority of its underground water and sewer lines on the Wahpeton campus. The project also included repairing or replacing several streets and parking lots on campus, as well as enhancing campus security.

“I am proud that I can look anyone in the eye and honestly say we have one of the safest, cleanest, healthiest campuses not just in North Dakota, but in the entire country,” said Dr. John Richman, NDSCS president Friday, Oct. 6.

Read the full article online at

NDSCS opens new world-class HVAC/R educational facilities

October 10, 2017

North Dakota State College of Science opened a state-of-the-art instructional facility for its Heating, Ventilating, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Technology program today. The world-class lab and classroom were made possible through a combination of public and private funds and donations. Students in the HVAC/R Technology program can now train on the latest technology used by industry, enabling them to gain the skills needed for technically advanced careers.

Public funds from a $400,000 North Dakota Department of Commerce workforce enhancement grant were matched by more than $432,000 in private donations from Trane®, a leading global provider of indoor comfort solutions and services. In addition to donated equipment, Trane representatives oversaw the complete installation of the systems to ensure they are fully operational.

The NDSCS HVAC/R instructional areas now boast eight rooftop units, a water source heat pump, an air handler, ten variable air volume boxes, Air-FiTM wireless controls and Tracer® SC system controllers. Students are immersed in the curriculum that features this state-of-the-art equipment, and the theory behind how the mechanical systems work together to make buildings as efficient as possible.

“HVAC is a high demand career in North Dakota,” said NDSCS President John Richman. “This public-private collaboration helps to solve the state’s need for HVAC technicians. This is a model that needs to be replicated, as everyone wins in the end.”

Through a partnership with the National Coalition of Certification Centers (NC3), NDSCS offers its HVAC/R students five certifications to demonstrate that they have been educated to industry standards. NDSCS instructors worked with Trane and NC3 to develop curriculum. Jeff Kukert developed a curriculum for variable speed motors and Mark Wood developed a heat pump curriculum. They are both NC3 Certified Master Instructors and are certified to deliver BAS Level I, residential airflow, residential refrigeration diagnostics, variable speed motors and heat pump curriculum to students.

Graduates from the NDSCS HVAC/R Technology program in 2016 had a 100% placement rate. Individuals interested in the program can learn more online at, or by attending the College’s Electrical, HVAC/R, Manufacturing Day on Monday, November 6. More information and registration for this event can be found online at

NDSCS completes $13 million campus water, sewer infrastructure project

October 06, 2017

North Dakota State College of Science celebrated the completion of a $13 million campus water and sewer infrastructure replacement project today. This two-year project focused primarily on replacing the majority of the campus underground water and sewer lines and repairing or replacing several streets and parking lots on campus. Additional outcomes of the project included improved outdoor lighting and security, safer pedestrian walkways, enhanced fire protection, and updated signage and beautification initiatives across campus.

The project was funded with $13,298,000 in state appropriations from 2015-2017 capital assets funding during the 64th legislative assembly. NDSCS was able to significantly address its deferred maintenance with this project and saw an approximate 20% reduction in deferred maintenance.

The project included:
• Addition of a new, iconic arch at the south entrance to the Wahpeton campus.
• Removal of 82,000 square yards of bituminous asphalt. This is the equivalent of 230 basketball courts.
• Installation of 25,000 linear feet of pipe. This is five miles, or the equivalent of 25 times around the OJ and Dee Jensen track at the Earl “Skip” Bute Stadium.
• Enough concrete to fill the Clair T. Blikre Activities Center.
• Planting of 380 trees, numerous areas of shrubs, plants and native grasses.
• Restoration and reseeding of 17 acres.

Bolton & Menk, Inc. of Fargo was the engineer of record for this project. KPH Inc. of Kindred was the prime general contractor, and Scott’s Electric of Wahpeton was the prime electrical contractor. Approximately 15 sub-contractors also performed work for this project.

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