August, 2016

Letter to the Editor: NDSCS appreciates W-B’s understanding

August 31, 2016

I want to extend my sincerest appreciation to the Wahpeton and Breckenridge, Minnesota, communities for your warm welcome to North Dakota State College of Science students this fall. With the large infrastructure project occurring on campus, we know there have been added disruptions to community neighbors as the college strives to create a positive experience for new and returning students.

These disruptions were probably most noticeable during the late evening hours when NDSCS hosted outdoor street dances for the students. These events attracted more than 1,300 students during the three evenings and served an important purpose for the college.

Events, such as dances, aim to establish positive and healthy habits among our newest students while also providing opportunities for them to become connected to the college, their peers and the community. Research indicates that the first three weeks are most critical to a new student’s success, especially to those students who are at a higher risk of leaving before graduating. Social engagement opportunities are important components in connecting students to each other and reducing drop-out rates.

At NDSCS, we greatly appreciate the community’s understanding during these few nights of disruption in support of our long-term efforts to increase student success.

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West Fargo Pioneer: GES, NDSCS program gives students experience, financial aid

August 31, 2016

By Colton Pool

West Fargo graduate Zachary Lyon is unlike a lot of college students. While many are trying to find out how they're going to pay for college and what they're going to do after graduation, Lyon doesn't have to worry about either.

Lyon, through North Dakota State College of Science in Wahpeton, signed up for the Komatsu Diesel Tech Program, which sets him up with an internship at General Equipment and Supplies followed by a full-time job after he graduates. The program will also pay for a hefty part of his tuition.

The program was established, technician and career developer Ann Pollert said, because GES and other companies badly need more diesel technicians.

Real-life experience and full financial aid is quite the package for a college kid starting a career.

"I was always interested in mechanics," Lyon said. "I wanted to pursue diesel mechanics. In West Fargo, I took a class for engines, and I learned a lot of mechanics at home working on vehicles. I learned a lot. It's half learning from teachers and half from experience. I just always enjoyed to learn how everything works."

Pollert said GES will pay up to 100 percent of the NDSCS tuition after the students graduate, but those students have to maintain a 3.6 grade-point average. However, GES will compensate for tuition costs by smaller percentages even if students don't meet that 3.6.

"It's really nice and will really motivate you to pay attention and to do well," Lyon said.

Pollert added: "Everyone learns so differently, but some students, that's just how they learn best is hands-on and being able to do it themselves. That component is huge."

Pollert said this program is also a good benefit for parents who are concerned about financial aid. Pollert, who lives in West Fargo, said parents and students are given tours of the GES shop so they can feel more comfortable with the program.

"When they came and worked here, they already had so much knowledge through those internships," Pollert said of those who went through the program. "They walked in here, and it wasn't like a first day at work."

Michelle Weber, who is the principal at Liberty Middle School, said her son Charley Weber first found out about the program through a West Fargo Sheyenne class—he was elated to find out about careers in diesel technology. Charley job shadowed with GES to see what working with professionals was like. He then interviewed to be a part of the program and was accepted.

Michelle feels good knowing someone is going to mentor her child in the early stages of adulthood, she said.

"Who doesn't enjoy having things paid for and being taken care of?" Michelle said. "It's a phenomenal piece of the pie, but what I think is more intriguing to me is the program. ... They spend a lot of time getting to know those kids."

Charley, who already moved in at NDSCS and is going to be a resident assistant, started classes this week after working at Komatsu during the summer.

"He chose Komotsu because of the people and the culture and what they were about," Michelle said.

Lyon would recommend the program to others. After all, he doesn't have to chase a job or worry too much about how to pay tuition.

"I'm really excited, but I'm also nervous," Lyon said. "It's something new, but I mean it's exciting. I'm really looking forward to it. ... We've already kind of experienced some of the stuff we've been doing in school and the career so it helps us know what to expect."

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NDSCS Announces Summer 2016 Graduates

August 25, 2016

The North Dakota State College of Science in Wahpeton, N.D., awarded degrees, diplomas and certificates to 67 Wahpeton, Fargo, N.D., and online graduates.

The graduates include:

Aurora: Meghan Meyer, A.A.S., Dental Assisting

Fort Polk: Gorvill Tirao, A.A.S., Pharmacy Technician

Baltimore: Darren Kelley, A.A., Liberal Arts

Anoka: Chelsea Russell, A.A., Liberal Arts
Brainerd: Benjamin Nelson, Certificate, Paramedic (EMT) Technology
Breckenridge: Jiawei Deng, A.A.S., Precision Machining Technology; Tierza Engen, A.S., Liberal Arts; Alicia Holzbauer, A.S., Liberal Arts
Breezy Point: Benjamin Tiedemann, Certificate, Paramedic (EMT) Technology
Buffalo: Breanda Bursheim, A.A., Liberal Arts
Coon Rapids: Yei Browne, A.A., Liberal Arts
East Grand Forks: KateLynn Kowalski, Certificate, Dental Assisting
Glyndon: Jesse Ingebretson, A.A.S., Paramedic (EMT) Technology
Grand Rapids: Mitchel Johnson, Certificate, Paramedic (EMT) Technology
Granite Falls: Nissa Washburn, A.A.S., Paramedic (EMT) Technology
Long Prairie: James Ruby, Certificate, Dental Assisting
Parkers Prairie: Shelby Westad, Certificate, Paramedic (EMT) Technology
Pelican Rapids: Dee Haiby, Certificate, Paramedic (EMT) Technology
Roseau: Jacob Hasson, Certificate, Paramedic (EMT) Technology
Sebeka: Renee Miller, Certificate, Paramedic (EMT) Technology
St. Cloud: Allen Skochenski, Certificate, Paramedic (EMT) Technology
Underwood: Michael Kugler, A.S., Liberal Arts
Vergas: Abe Johannes, A.A.S., Paramedic (EMT) Technology
Wadena: Jennifer Shreves, Certificate, Paramedic (EMT) Technology
Wheaton: Megan Wilt, Certificate, Dental Assisting

North Dakota:
Almont: Brittany Heid, Certificate, Dental Assisting
Belfield: Ashlee Wolf, Certificate, Dental Assisting
Bismarck: Samantha Baumgartner, A.A., Liberal Arts; Keith Hapip, Certificate, Paramedic (EMT) Technology; Mikaela Lynch, A.A.S., Dental Assisting; Sara Olufson, A.A.S., Dental Assisting
Casselton: LaCrisha Meyer, A.A., Liberal Arts
Christine: Ellie Krupich, A.A., Liberal Arts
Cooperstown: Annie Dewald, A.A.S., Health Information
Des Lacs: Chase Johnson, A.A.S., Paramedic (EMT) Technology
Dickinson: Brooklyn Decker, A.A.S., Dental Assisting; Stephanie Scherr, A.A.S., Dental Assisting
Dwight: Kaitlyn Woytassek, Certificate, Dental Assisting
Fargo: Kyle Anderson, Certificate, Paramedic (EMT) Technology; Kayla Carlson, A.A.S., Business Management; Ashley Christlieb, Certificate, Paramedic (EMT) Technology; Kailey Christlieb, Certificate, Paramedic (EMT) Technology; Jessyca Macklin, A.A., Liberal Arts; Kalisa Ndikubwimana, A.A.S., Pharmacy Technician; April Shone, A.A.S., Occupational Therapy Assistant; Joshua Zetocha, A.A.S., Paramedic (EMT) Technology
Fessenden: Kylie Ravnaas, Certificate, Dental Assisting
Fingal: MacKensie Pfaff, Certificate, Dental Assisting
Finley: Sarah Braaten, A.A.S., Paramedic (EMT) Technology
Glenburn: Payton Schumann, Certificate, Dental Assisting
Grand Forks: Brittney Moe, A.A.S., Occupational Therapy Assistant
Gwinner: Chelci Shirrell, A.A.S., Pharmacy Technician
Jamestown: Corey Gilge, A.A.S., Information and Communications Technology
Minot: Brianna Feehan, Certificate, Dental Assisting; Brittany Heidrich, Certificate, Dental Assisting
Mooreton: Carly Eback, A.A., Liberal Arts; Adam Marohl, A.A., Liberal Arts
Napoleon: Arron Marquart, A.A.S., John Deere Tech
Steele: Sadie Rohrich, A.A.S., Dental Assisting
Wahpeton: Joshua Deike, A.A.S., Paramedic (EMT) Technology
West Fargo: James Seefeldt, A.A.S., Paramedic (EMT) Technology
York: McKenzie Silliman, A.S., Liberal Arts

Willowick: Kirk Hartung, A.A.S., Architectural Drafting & Estimating Technology

Rhode Island:
Providence: Joseph Putu, A.A., Liberal Arts

South Dakota:
Redfield: Autumn Jungwirth, A.A., Liberal Arts
Wilmot: Macey Ebben, A.A.S., Pharmacy Technician

Madison: Matthew Schell, A.A.S., Paramedic (EMT) Technology

NDSCS Names Grindberg Vice President of Workforce Affairs

August 23, 2016

Tony Grindberg has been named Vice President of Workforce Affairs at the North Dakota State College of Science. Grindberg, who led the development and launched the initial operations of NDSCS-Fargo, will oversee the restructuring of the College’s Division of Workforce Development and expansion efforts in Cass County and the surrounding region. He will direct activities relating to the generation of revenue to support college-wide initiatives, strategic engagement with business and industry, oversee the management of TrainND in the southeast region of North Dakota and guide efforts to strengthen education partnership with K-12 education.

“Tony’s expertise, experience and passion make him the best person to help move NDSCS workforce strategic initiatives forward,” said Dr. John Richman, NDSCS President. “Tony will play a critical role in shaping the future of how NDSCS will educate and train the workforce for North Dakota and this region.”

In 1997, Grindberg’s leadership helped secure $2 million of private sector financial support to open the doors of the current home of NDSCS-Fargo, which has served more than 30,000 workforce and college students. Author of the Workforce Environmental Assessment, Grindberg notes that “the Fargo-Moorhead region has in the past and will continue to experience workforce shortages with occupations across all industry sectors.” Grindberg’s work at NDSCS will include highlighting the workforce shortage issue in the region and developing solutions to address the growing demand of skilled workers that will include enhanced partnership with K-12 education to align associate degree attainment as a first step in providing high school graduates with a life-long career pathway to success.

“Solving our region’s workforce challenges is vital to our long term economic growth. I am excited for the opportunity to lead NDSCS workforce initiatives and implement solutions to meet our region’s growth projections,” said Grindberg.

“Tony Grindberg’s results-driven track record and his experience in economic and workforce development, both as a state senator and economic development professional, is exactly what our region requires to advance workforce strategy. On behalf of The Fargo-Moorhead-West Fargo Chamber, we welcome Tony’s leadership to advance workforce development initiatives for our region,” said Craig Whitney, President & CEO.

A reorganization of the NDSCS Workforce Affairs Division, that has spanned six months, has enabled the Vice President of Workforce Affairs position to be created without tapping into additional state appropriated funds. This position is funded through a combination of state appropriated funds previously earmarked for the Division and revenue generated by that Division.

A Fargo City Commissioner, Grindberg represented south Fargo in the North Dakota Legislature for 22 years before not seeking another term in 2014. He was head of the NDSU Technology and Research Park and also worked for an aerospace company. He’s been consulting businesses since January 2016.

Grindberg earned his A.S. from North Dakota State College of Science and B.S. from Minnesota State University Moorhead.

Daily News: Officials said oval will be drivable

August 19, 2016

By Frank Stanko

After being publicly unaccessible for most of the summer, the south and east oval entrances of Wahpeton’s North Dakota State College of Science are expected to be drivable for automobile traffic beginning Friday, Aug. 19.

The reopening coincides with move-in weekend for the campus’ students and will indicate a “substantial completion” of this year’s work on the oval project, Joel Paulsen, public engineer and senior project manager with Fargo’s Bolton and Menk engineering firm, said Tuesday, Aug. 16.

“There’s still work to be done, touch up work, but the roads will be open and the signs will be up,” Paulsen said. “We will still be expecting some periodic work within the south and east oval over the next month or so. Most of the grass and landscaping won’t go in until the mid-September, October timeframe. We want to do that because it’s a better part of the season because it’s a better time for growth.”

Although Paulsen said his staff would try to return campus-specific signage and monuments to NDSCS this year, they are currently on the work schedule for spring of 2017. That the infrastructure project will be done in phases is one thing Paulsen and Jill Anderson, project manager for NDSCS, want to remind the public of. A total completion shouldn’t be expected until October 2017.

People driving and walking along the ovals will notice what Anderson called better and safer pedestrian crossings.

“We’ve changed our parking from parallel parking to angled parking to ensure an easier in and out,” she continued.

Increasing pedestrian safety was a large goal of the project, Paulsen said.

“Some of the things you’ll see in the south oval are the stamped concrete delineated crosswalks, that are a different color from the concrete, so as you’re driving up, you’ll be able to physically tell exactly where that crosswalk is … A couple of the crosswalks have been raised a little bit, to keep the pedestrians more visible as they’re entering the roadway.”

Once this year’s landscape work is completed, the focus will shift to the parking lots north of Old Main and the extension of Fifth Street North from the east oval to Norgaard Hall.

“That’s still all on schedule. We’re making good progress on that. And then, phase three, up north by the Blikre Activity Center, is still on schedule as well. We’ll start to see some paving operations on some of the adjacent lots and up north probably in another month or so,” Paulsen said.

Anderson said this year’s work on the Old Main and northern lots project will be “mostly complete” during October, with this year’s work near the Blikre, mostly complete during November.

Although there aren’t any more city road closures expected, Paulsen did say residents can expect a lot of truck traffic near the campus, especially during paving operations. Officials were proud to say 100 percent of NDSCS’ former pavement, gravel and concrete structures have been repurposed along the way.

“That means we don’t have to truck it off site and we don’t have to truck the new stuff in. In a project of this size, that’s pretty significant,” Paulsen added. “It’s hard to quantify the savings as far as that’s concerned, but it is very significant savings and a very good use of taxpayer dollars. In the end, I feel we’re providing a better product to the campus by doing this operation and being less intrusive to the city and the residents around the campus.”

Anderson estimated that 82,000 square yards of bituminous asphalt have been removed so far.

“That’s a couple hundred basketball courts,” she said.

View the full article from the Wahpeton Daily News.

NDSCS Announces President’s Honor List

August 19, 2016

The North Dakota State College of Science has named six students from its Caterpillar Dealer Service Technician program to its summer semester 2016 President’s Honor List.

The Honor List recognizes students who have achieved grade point averages of 3.5 or higher while taking at least 12 credit hours.

The honorees include:
• Cody Carter; Warwick, ND
• Jared Hirning; Dickinson, ND
• Cort Johnson; Wilton, ND
• Tanner Larson; Bismarck, ND
• Collin Lawler; Menoken, ND
• Nicholas Tieszen; New England, ND

NDSCS Fall Semester Classes Start August 22

August 08, 2016

North Dakota State College of Science fall semester classes will begin Monday, August 22 at 4:00 p.m. for all Wahpeton, Fargo and Online students.

Students who are not yet enrolled for fall semester can still do so by contacting the Enrollment Services office at 701-671-2521 in Wahpeton or 701-231-6900 in Fargo, or by visiting

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