June, 2015

NDSCS awards over 90 Scholarships to area Students

June 26, 2015

The North Dakota State College of Science recently awarded academic scholarships to 98 incoming 2015 NDSCS freshmen from five states.

The scholarships recognize and reward students for academic achievement, test scores and participation in extracurricular and other volunteer activities. The scholarships – awarded for $2,000, $1,500, $1,000, $750 or $500 – are applicable during the 2015-2016 academic year. The honorees include:

Ada: Mason Kitchell, NDSCS Foundation Scholarship - $750.00; Alexa Merkens, NDSCS Foundation Scholarship - $1,000.00; Megan Vesledahl, NDSCS Foundation Scholarship - $500.00
Benson: Krista Motzko, NDSCS Foundation Scholarship - $1,500.00
Breckenridge: Matthew Berndt, NDSCS Foundation Scholarship - $1,500.00; Crystal Bridgers, NDSCS Foundation Scholarship - $500.00; Paige Buck, NDSCS Foundation Scholarship - $1,500.00; Michael Radig, NDSCS Foundation Scholarship - $1,500.00; Bryce Wiertzema, NDSCS Foundation Scholarship - $1,500.00
Campbell: Annie Dohman, NDSCS Foundation Scholarship - $750.00
Clearbrook: Riley Thoma, NDSCS Foundation Scholarship - $1,500.00
Donnelly: Katlyn Hilbrand, NDSCS Foundation Scholarship - $1,500.00
Doran: Brandon Meyer, NDSCS Foundation Scholarship - $1,500.00
Fergus Falls: Zachary Grunewald, NDSCS Foundation Scholarship - $1,500.00
Freeport: Nathan Maus, NDSCS Foundation Scholarship - $1,500.00
Graceville: Hannah Breeggemann, NDSCS Foundation Scholarship - $750.00
Hawley: Darby Olson, NDSCS Foundation Scholarship - $1,500.00
Lindstrom: Nathan Johnson, NDSCS Foundation Scholarship - $500.00
Melrose: Emily Goerdt, NDSCS Foundation Scholarship - $1,500.00
Moorhead: Bailee Gulseth, NDSCS Foundation Scholarship - $1,500.00
Morris: Kindra Cannon, NDSCS Foundation Scholarship - $1,500.00
New London: Kinlee Swanson, NDSCS Foundation Scholarship - $750.00
Richfield: Leah Barnes, NDSCS Foundation Scholarship - $500.00
Rochert: Dalton VonRuden, NDSCS Foundation Scholarship - $500.00
Rothsay: Lane Malingen, NDSCS Foundation Scholarship - $500.00
Sauk Rapids: Mason Rademacher, NDSCS Foundation Scholarship - $1,500.00
Sleepy Eye: Justin Kotten, NDSCS Foundation Scholarship - $1,500.00
Tintah: Bradan Krump, NDSCS Foundation Scholarship - $1,000.00
Twin Valley: David Vissner, NDSCS Foundation Scholarship - $500.00
Waite Park: Loundy Silkman, NDSCS Foundation Scholarship - $750.00
Wheaton: Megan Wilt, NDSCS Foundation Scholarship - $750.00

Huntley: Jonah Nelson, NDSCS Foundation Scholarship - $500.00

Beach: Talon Nielsen, NDSCS Foundation Scholarship - $500.00
Bowman: Kyle Germann, NDSCS Foundation Scholarship - $2,000.00; Mark Kempenich, NDSCS Foundation Scholarship - $2,000.00; Bondon Scott, NDSCS Foundation Scholarship - $2,000.00; Orion Thompson, NDSCS Foundation Scholarship - $2,000.00
Brinsmade: Sara Galbraith, NDSCS Foundation Scholarship - $1,500.00
Crosby: Jarret Obenchain, NDSCS Foundation Scholarship - $1,500.00
Dwight: Kaitlyn Woytassek, NDSCS Foundation Scholarship - $1,500.00
Edmore: Miranda Martinson, NDSCS Foundation Scholarship - $1,500.00
Fargo: Shanda Hayden, NDSCS Foundation Scholarship - $1,000.00; Kody Jordan, NDSCS Foundation Scholarship - $500.00; Lindsey Markel, NDSCS Foundation Scholarship - $750.00; Annie Morton, NDSCS Foundation Scholarship - $1,000.00; Avgustina Valkova, NDSCS Foundation Scholarship - $750.00
Fessenden: Kylie Ravnaas, NDSCS Foundation Scholarship - $1,500.00
Hague: Hope Krumm, NDSCS Foundation Scholarship - $1,000.00
Hankinson: Teri Loll, NDSCS Foundation Scholarship - $1,500.00
Hillsboro: Shenay Connelly, NDSCS Foundation Scholarship - $500.00
Horace: Marshal Slater, NDSCS Foundation Scholarship - $500.00
Kenmare: McKinzie Jensen, NDSCS Foundation Scholarship - $1,500.00
Larimore: Madison Johnson, NDSCS Foundation Scholarship - $750.00
Lidgerwood: Seth Harles, NDSCS Foundation Scholarship - $1,500.00; Alexa Jelinek, NDSCS Foundation Scholarship - $1,500.00; Anyssa Jelinek, NDSCS Foundation Scholarship - $1,500.00
Linton: Cassie Job, NDSCS Foundation Scholarship - $1,000.00
Maddock: Kenadi Lee, NDSCS Foundation Scholarship - $1,500.00
Mandan: Hannah Moe, NDSCS Foundation Scholarship - $1,500.00
Martin: Carson Koble, NDSCS Foundation Scholarship - $1,500.00
Mayville: Tyler Cordahl, NDSCS Foundation Scholarship - $750.00
Milnor: Alexander Campbell, NDSCS Foundation Scholarship - $500.00; Nicole Ennis, NDSCS Foundation Scholarship - $500.00; Brooke Tayer, NDSCS Foundation Scholarship - $1,500.00
Minto: Lewis Plutowski, NDSCS Foundation Scholarship - $750.00
New Town: Rebecca Froshaug, NDSCS Foundation Scholarship - $1,500.00
Oakes: Bridget Roney, NDSCS Foundation Scholarship - $500.00
Ray: Colton Moe, NDSCS Foundation Scholarship - $1,500.00
Reeder: Damon Mellmer, NDSCS Foundation Scholarship - $2,000.00
Regent: Dane Kruger, NDSCS Foundation Scholarship - $750.00
Rhame: Chandler Braaten, NDSCS Foundation Scholarship - $2,000.00
Rogers: Annmarie Narloch, NDSCS Foundation Scholarship - $1,500.00
Scranton: Dimitri Clapper, NDSCS Foundation Scholarship - $2,000.00; Devin Kromarek, NDSCS Foundation Scholarship - $2,000.00
Strasburg: Logan Kramer, NDSCS Foundation Scholarship - $1,500.00
Streeter: Nathan Dahl, NDSCS Foundation Scholarship - $1,500.00
Tioga: Kyle Iwen, NDSCS Foundation Scholarship - $1,500.00
Verona: Melinda Maley, NDSCS Foundation Scholarship - $500.00
Wahpeton: Elizabeth Brown, NDSCS Foundation Scholarship - $1,500.00; Kylar Jawaski, NDSCS Foundation Scholarship - $750.00; Anna Schillinger, NDSCS Foundation Scholarship - $1,500.00; Ali Schoneman, NDSCS Foundation Scholarship - $1,500.00; Isaac Stone, NDSCS Foundation Scholarship - $750.00; Cynthia Uhren, NDSCS Foundation Scholarship - $750.00; Matty Wynn, NDSCS Foundation Scholarship - $1,500.00; Chase Zenker, NDSCS Foundation Scholarship - $1,500.00
Walcott: JoDee Kummer, NDSCS Foundation Scholarship - $750.00; John Thompson, NDSCS Foundation Scholarship - $1,500.00
Wing: Tucker Bergquist, NDSCS Foundation Scholarship - $1,500.00

Aberdeen: Bridget Lux, NDSCS Foundation Scholarship - $750.00
Gettysburg: Brody Schatz, NDSCS Foundation Scholarship - $750.00
Henry: Benjamin Olson, NDSCS Foundation Scholarship - $500.00
Lake Andes: Payton Johanneson, NDSCS Foundation Scholarship - $1,500.00; Rebecca Lehmann, NDSCS Foundation Scholarship - $750.00
Mobridge: Miranda Eisemann, NDSCS Foundation Scholarship - $1,500.00
Watertown: Sydney Schoon, NDSCS Foundation Scholarship - $500.00
Waubay: Lydia Wieger, NDSCS Foundation Scholarship - $1,500.00

Suquamish: Tanner Stracener, NDSCS Foundation Scholarship - $1,000.00

NDSCS to explore New Options for Repurposing underused Residence Halls

June 23, 2015

Lutheran Social Services senior housing initiate on Wahpeton campus will not move forward

The North Dakota State College of Science will begin efforts to explore new options for repurposing three minimally used residence halls on the Wahpeton campus. The effort reignited after the College recently learned that Lutheran Social Services (LSS) was unable to put together an application for Housing Incentive Funding for the initiative through the North Dakota Housing Finance Agency, under the current program guidelines.

NDSCS had been in discussions with LSS representatives to turn three underused or minimally used residence halls into senior housing. The possible arrangement would have had the agency renovate and lease the buildings from the College. The NDSCS/LSS partnership for the repurposing of Babcock, MacMahon and Saterlee Halls had the support of the Wahpeton City Council and a green light from the 2011 State Board of Higher Education.

NDSCS President John Richman is disappointed that the venture will not move forward, remarking: “We saw this as a win-win type of situation for the Wahpeton community and the College.”

Jessica Thomasson, CEO of Lutheran Social Services of North Dakota, said: “It is with all sincerity that I say that this was the project I have most been looking forward to undertaking, of any we have looked at in our organization’s short history—it was such a great opportunity to develop a long-term, meaningful partnership with a quality institution like NDSCS.”

The College will immediately begin exploring other types of business avenues for the three residence halls.

Lutheran Social Services of North Dakota is a nonprofit social services leader strengthening the lives of thousands of individuals and families annually. The agency provides affordable housing, food, disaster response, care for seniors, support for child care workers and a host of different types of counseling and therapy.

NDSCS-Fargo to hold Open House session for prospective Students

June 22, 2015

The North Dakota State College of Science will be holding an Open House session on Friday, June 26 from 12 – 5 p.m. at NDSCS-Fargo, located at 1305 19th Avenue North, for students interested in taking classes at the Fargo location.

This free come-and-go session is open to the public and will focus on NDSCS-Fargo and Online program options, curriculum and class schedules, tuition costs and financial aid, the application process and any questions. Current NDSCS-Fargo faculty and Enrollment Services representatives will also be present to answer questions. No pre-registration is required to attend the open house.

A sample of courses being offered includes: General Business Management, Web Design/Web Developer, Information Systems Administrator and Welding Technology (second year option).

For more information please contact a Fargo Programs Representative at or 701-231-6935 or visit

NDSCS announces spring President’s Honor List

June 15, 2015

The North Dakota State College of Science has named 355 students to its spring semester 2015 President’s Honor List.

The Honor List recognizes students who have achieved grade point averages of 3.5 or higher while taking at least 12 credit hours. The honorees include:

Brea: Mark Chappelle, Robotics, Automation and Mechatronics Technology

Fort Collins: Stephen Allmendinger, Diesel Technology

Geneseo: Brandon Holevoet, John Deere Tech

Panora: Kallin Gafkjen, Technical Studies

Ada: Adam Sip, Agriculture
Arlington: Allison Walter, Liberal Arts
Badger: Evie Lorenson, Architectural Drafting & Estimating Technology
Barnesville: Madison Ahmann, Occupational Therapy Assistant; Sethney Martinson, Welding Technology; Caitlin McConnell, Practical Nursing
Battle Lake: Nicole Rilla, Dental Hygiene
Beardsley: Austin Fischer, Nanoscience Technology
Belgrade: Tyler Eblen, John Deere Tech; Rebecca Gruber, Liberal Arts
Bemidji: Brandon Carlson, Land Surveying & Civil Engineering Technology
Big Lake: Christopher Audette, Liberal Arts
Brandon: Joshua Barsness, Land Surveying & Civil Engineering Technology
Breckenridge: Thomas Anderson, Robotics, Automation and Mechatronics Technology; Alison Beyer, Liberal Arts; Katrina Dahlgren, Dental Hygiene; Lanae Ekberg, Liberal Arts; Tierza Engen, Nondegree; Hannah Haire, Liberal Arts; Sophie Johnson, Practical Nursing; Kayla Karels, Liberal Arts; Meghan Metcalf, Land Surveying & Civil Engineering Technology; Jennifer Tolbert, Pharmacy Technician
Brooten: Brian Goodwin, Liberal Arts
Browns Valley: Alyssa Buckhouse, Dental Hygiene
Campbell: Bethany Christensen, Agriculture
Canby: Richelle Kallhoff, Liberal Arts
Crookston: Lucas Butler, Culinary Arts
Detroit Lakes: Casey Paskey, Liberal Arts
Dilworth: Jade Tigue, Dental Hygiene
Donnelly: Nacole Hilbrand, Culinary Arts
Dumont: Anna Tritz, Liberal Arts
Elbow Lake: Stephanie Jennen, Business Administration & Management; Adam Kaye, Liberal Arts
Farwell: Jesse Luetgers, HVAC/R Technology
Fergus Falls: Hunter Haarstad, Electrical Technology; Chase Johansen, Automotive & Diesel Master Technician; Alexander Johnson, Electrical Technology; Tyler Schleske, Agriculture
Garfield: Kevin Mason, Paramedic Technology
Graceville: Daniel Arens, Agriculture; Lorra Arens, Health Information; Gena Jenniges, Culinary Arts
Hallock: Samantha Carlin, Liberal Arts
Ham Lake: Bradley Weitgenant, John Deere Tech
Hawley: Lane Alm, John Deere Tech
Henning: Christopher Hammer, Paramedic Technology
Herman: Terianne Itzen, Dental Hygiene
Heron Lake: Benjamin Peter, John Deere Tech
Howard Lake: Grant Davis, Diesel Technology
Hutchinson: Jaden Katzenmeyer, Construction Management Technology
Kent: Nikolas Kukert, Architectural Drafting & Estimating Technology; Alexander Lass, Diesel Technology
Lake Lillian: Jacob Peterson, John Deere Tech
Mahnomen: Eric Houska, Agriculture; Ethan Kettner, Agriculture
Middle River: Kyle Majer, John Deere Tech
Moorhead: Julian Goracke, Business Administration & Management; Bryce Jossund, John Deere Tech; Dalton Mortenson, Welding Technology; David Smith, Paramedic Technology; Sapphire Watchorn, Paramedic Technology
Morris: Nicholas Ascheman, Diesel Technology; Kaitlin Bruns, Agriculture
Motley: Michael Beach, Automotive Technology
New Prague: Daniel Bartusek, Welding Technology
Ortonville: Brenna Giese, Liberal Arts
Park Rapids: Winfred Stinar, Architectural Drafting & Estimating Technology
Parkers Prairie: Jesse Oeltjenbruns, Welding Technology; Dakotah Revering, John Deere Tech
Pelican Rapids: Robert Seifert, Paramedic Technology
Perham: Laine Miller, Dental Hygiene; Isaac Rutten, Precision Machining Technology
Pierz: Brandon Moren, John Deere Tech
Redwood Falls: Chad U'Ren, John Deere Tech
Rochert: Cody Kologi, Agriculture
Roosevelt: Toneal Pederson, Paramedic Technology
Rosemount: Nicholas Depuglio, Liberal Arts
Sherburn: Bradley Burmeister, John Deere Tech
Solway: Jaden Anderson, Paramedic Technology
Ulen: Amber Fuglie, Powersports Technology
Vergas: Trinity Dahl, Welding Technology
Viking: Jacob Hanson, Diesel Technology
Wadena: Breanna Speed, Dental Hygiene
Wheaton: Aurelio Lara-Ruiz, Electrical Technology; Abby Lee, Architectural Drafting & Estimating Technology; Levi Nelson, John Deere Tech

Lee's Summit: Brandon Smith, Liberal Arts

Baker: Duncan Wyrick, Electrical Technology
Circle: Danielle Basaraba, Automotive Technology; Andrew Belus, John Deere Tech
Dagmar: Richard Anderson, John Deere Tech
Glendive: Caleb Kadrmas, Electrical Technology
Medicine Lake: Tristan Ereth, Electrical Technology
Plentywood: Kody Woehl, John Deere Tech
Sidney: Dalton Thomas, Diesel Technology

Mitchell: Jonathan Yauney, Electrical Technology

Abercrombie: Heather Hansen, Liberal Arts; Alexander Paczkowski, Diesel Technology; Marley Palm, Liberal Arts; Blane Plecity, Architectural Drafting & Estimating Technology
Almont: Samantha Thiel, Business Administration & Management
Anamoose: Michael Wagner, Diesel Technology
Ardoch: Nicholas Lunski, Caterpillar Dealer Service Technology
Arthur: Alexis Zieske, Liberal Arts
Ashley: Tanner Meidinger, Building Construction Technology
Barney: Thomas Haberman, Diesel Technology
Belfield: Trevor Ridl, Diesel Technology
Benedict: Lane Westman, Welding Technology
Berthold: Joshua Chupp, Robotics, Automation and Mechatronics Technology; Cody Staley, John Deere Tech
Beulah: Logan Eisenbeis, Welding Technology
Binford: Jamie Eggermont, Diesel Technology
Bismarck: Kcee Barnaby, Dental Hygiene; Samantha Baumgartner, Dental Hygiene; Dionne Benefiel, Occupational Therapy Assistant; Jarin Blumhagen, Information & Communications Technology; Britnee Buller, Architectural Drafting & Estimating Technology; Ethan Fettig, Caterpillar Dealer Service Technology; Kelsie Hall, Liberal Arts; Montgomery Huus, Electrical Technology; Kristin Jacobchick, Culinary Arts; Fordyce Lenarz, Caterpillar Dealer Service Technology; Sean Lennick, Electrical Technology; Kolton Reis, Automotive & Diesel Master Technician; Brett Samson, Diesel Technology; Landon Schmidt, Electrical Technology; Wyatt Wetzstein, Diesel Technology
Bowman: Daniel Freitag, Diesel Technology
Buffalo: Katelyn Pueppke, Business Administration & Management
Buffalo Springs: Dylan Titus, Precision Machining Technology
Cando: Jacob Heisler, Welding Technology
Carrington: Austin March, Diesel Technology
Casselton: Kody Herold, Powersports Technology; John Propsom, Welding Technology
Cavalier: Aaron Hauge, Electrical Technology; Lucas Stegman, Welding Technology
Colfax: Ashlyn Draovitch, Agriculture; Zachary Miller, John Deere Tech
Dazey: Conner Eberle, Caterpillar Dealer Service Technology; Derek Eberle, Caterpillar Dealer Service Technology
Devils Lake: Garrett Aasand, Welding Technology; Jacob Burckhard, Building Construction Technology; Jacob Lagasse, Precision Machining Technology; Brianna Leiphon, Dental Hygiene
Dickinson: Austin Ehret, Diesel Technology; Jolene Marlow, Pharmacy Technician
Dwight: Heather Awender, Liberal Arts
Edgeley: Alex Gebhard, Precision Machining Technology
Elgin: Arnold Friesz III, John Deere Tech; Kristi Weikum, Robotics, Automation and Mechatronics Technology
Ellendale: Evan Smith, Precision Machining Technology
Emerado: Jamison Fuqua, John Deere Tech
Erie: Ean Grieger, John Deere Tech
Fairmount: Liza Braun, Dental Hygiene; Rhianna Kurtz, Liberal Arts; Seth Matejcek, Diesel Technology
Fargo: Ashleigh Abner, Caterpillar Dealer Service Technology; Stephen Asare, Welding Technology; Taylor Bartelson, Liberal Arts; Carleton Battle, Welding Technology; Cody Berg, Building Construction Technology; Ashley Blatchford, Business Administration & Management; Trevor Bresin, Microelectronics Technology; Jacob Brown, Caterpillar Dealer Service Technology; Bobby Counts, Welding Technology; Ryan Domier, John Deere Tech; Seth Dougherty, Electrical Technology; Jimi Fogle, Information & Communications Technology; Mbongeh Fongo, Information & Communications Technology; Emily Gault, Liberal Arts; Justin Hrichena, Diesel Technology; Peter Isakson, Electrical Technology; Matthew Lawler, Welding Technology; Nicholas Leckner, Welding Technology; Jenna Lee, Paramedic Technology; Colin Marum, Land Surveying & Civil Engineering Technology; Onesphort Mwamba, Building Construction Technology; Kalisa Ndikubwimana, Dental Hygiene; Breanna Ordahl, Business Administration & Management; Emily Petersen, Information & Communications Technology; Stacey Rustand, Culinary Arts; Allex Schafer, Diesel Technology
Fingal: MacKensie Pfaff, Dental Assisting
Forman: Aarika Brezicka, Business Administration & Management; Kristen Cuypers, Practical Nursing
Fredonia: Evan Dittus, Diesel Technology
Gardner: Karly Lundquist, Business Administration & Management
Garrison: Libbi Hasenwinkel, Dental Assisting; Conner Moe, Welding Technology
Glenburn: Lindsay Schneibel, Occupational Therapy Assistant
Grafton: Whitney Aguilar, Liberal Arts
Grand Forks: Taylor Sprague, Liberal Arts; Kyle Swatlowski, Electrical Technology; Ashley Weiland, Dental Hygiene
Gwinner: Chelci Shirrell, Liberal Arts
Hankinson: Joey Boutain, Liberal Arts; Kelsey Gaukler, Liberal Arts
Harvey: Seth Jewell, Electrical Technology
Hazen: Matthew Goodwin, John Deere Tech
Hebron: Tanner Hofer, Culinary Arts; Andrew Maershbecker, John Deere Tech
Hunter: Adam Teegarden, Architectural Drafting & Estimating Technology
Jamestown: Alicia Beckman, Practical Nursing; Mitchell Gahner, Architectural Drafting & Estimating Technology; Rhiana Holmes, Dental Hygiene; Andreas Kinzler, John Deere Tech; Logan Kleinsasser, Information & Communications Technology; Nathanael Klose, Liberal Arts; Devin Schumacher, Automotive Technology; Ileah Sylvester, Health Information; Brandon Thrift, Automotive Technology
Kathryn: Donovan Zacharias, Diesel Technology
Kindred: Ryan McCollum, Automotive Technology
Kintyre: Brenna Schmidt, Dental Hygiene
Lawton: James Nienhuis, Diesel Technology
Leeds: Aaron Jackson, Caterpillar Dealer Service Technology; Kevin Slaubaugh, John Deere Tech
Lidgerwood: Ryan Heley, Microelectronics Technology; Taylor Oster, Business Administration & Management
Linton: Scott Schmidt, Electrical Technology; Kayln Schneider, Dental Hygiene
Lisbon: Tyce Boisjolie, John Deere Tech
Mandan: Hunter Kleinjan, Caterpillar Dealer Service Technology; Anthony Lueder, Caterpillar Dealer Service Technology; Jessie Moe, Powersports Technology
Max: Jason Dokken, Welding Technology
Mekinock: Ryan Iverson, Precision Machining Technology
Minot: Ethan Hanson, John Deere Tech; Joshua Kauffman, John Deere Tech; Andrew Keller, John Deere Tech; Joshua Kessel, Welding Technology; Matthew Niess, Precision Machining Technology; Abigail Wilhelmi, Pharmacy Technician
Mooreton: Kelsey Breuer, Liberal Arts
Napoleon: Lucas Wald, Auto Body Repair & Refinishing Technology
Neche: Adam Thacker, John Deere Tech
New Salem: April Morgenstern, Business Administration & Management
Newburg: Ethan Miller, Liberal Arts
Nortonville: Tyler Berg, Agriculture
Oakes: Kayla Munro, Practical Nursing
Orrin: Stuart Schneider, Powersports Technology
Osnabrock: Christopher Lundeby, Diesel Technology
Palermo: Jake Smith, Diesel Technology
Perth: Taylor Boe, Diesel Technology; Bryce Swenson, Caterpillar Dealer Service Technology
Ray: Evan Wheeler, Electrical Technology
Ruso: Taylor Fylling, Dental Hygiene
Thompson: Matthew Barwin, John Deere Tech
Valley City: Trevor Anderson, Agriculture; Brandon Compson, Precision Machining Technology
Velva: Alex Erickson, Electrical Technology; Luke Hollenbeck, John Deere Tech
Verona: Melinda Maley, Business Administration & Management
Wahpeton: Fidan Aliyeva, Liberal Arts; Chelsey Amb, Dental Hygiene; Ryan Ames, Liberal Arts; Daniel Anderson, Liberal Arts; Elisha Bajumpaa, Liberal Arts; McKayla Beith, Liberal Arts; Matthew Berger, Architectural Drafting & Estimating Technology; Olivia Billock, Liberal Arts; Morgan Braun, Pharmacy Technician; Darren Calderon, Electrical Technology; Ashlie Challner, Dental Hygiene; Jay Dickey, Information & Communications Technology; Megan Fedderson, Pharmacy Technician; Brooke-Lynn Grasswick, Dental Hygiene; Patrick Griffin, Automotive Technology; Samantha Hasbargen, Liberal Arts; Taylor Heinz, Liberal Arts; Ellie Hermunslie, Dental Hygiene; Saskia Hindersmann, Culinary Arts; Sara Holcomb, Business Administration & Management; Alex Hovde, Welding Technology; Darcy Jilek, Liberal Arts; Natalie Kramer, Dental Hygiene; Zachary Langendorfer, John Deere Tech; Brandon Langfeld, Agriculture; David Lohstreter, Precision Machining Technology; Tara Loomer, Dental Hygiene; Michael Lyons, Electrical Technology; Grant Manock, Agriculture; Jessica Mastel, Liberal Arts; Brendon Mattson, Business Administration & Management; Kameron McNary, Liberal Arts; Landon Medenwald, Welding Technology; Mikayla Minow, Electrical Technology; Alexis Moderow, Information & Communications Technology; Thomas Monroe, Powersports Technology; Jacob Nash, Liberal Arts; Brady Nguyen, HVAC/R Technology; Megan Olson, Practical Nursing; Shelby Olson, Liberal Arts; Hunter Onchuck, Liberal Arts; Justice Rabbithead, Liberal Arts; Matthew Reasoner, Culinary Arts; Shelby Regimbal, Architectural Drafting & Estimating Technology; Peggy Roemmich, Liberal Arts; Christopher Samuels, Information & Communications Technology; Saige Sandve, Liberal Arts; Nathan Schmit, Liberal Arts; Matthew Schuster, Liberal Arts; April Shone, Occupational Therapy Assistant; Karly Sokness, Liberal Arts; Lexy Tank, Architectural Drafting & Estimating Technology; Elizabeth Thomas, Practical Nursing; Thomas Urness, Information & Communications Technology; Thomas Van Overbeke, Electrical Technology; Milos Vranes, Liberal Arts; Elijah Wallace, Automotive Technology; Bryce Wetzel, Plumbing; Joshua Wheeler, Paramedic Technology
Walcott: Cori Lyons, Occupational Therapy Assistant
Washburn: Beverly Sanders, Architectural Drafting & Estimating Technology
West Fargo: Davis Dube, John Deere Tech; Morgan Erickson, Dental Hygiene; Tyler Erickson, Welding Technology; Reuben Jacobs, HVAC/R Technology; Lucas Keller, John Deere Tech; Samuel Mieke, Welding Technology; Nathan Mugavero, Building Construction Technology; Kandace Siebert, Practical Nursing
Williston: Taylor Dopson, Electrical Technology; Ryan Hellen, Electrical Technology; Tyler Kolden, Electrical Technology; Kameron Lynch, Diesel Technology
Willow City: Joel Niewoehner, Electrical Technology
Wyndmere: Harrison Blazek, Liberal Arts; Ashley Herz, Dental Hygiene
York: Dylan Eckert, John Deere Tech
Zap: Michael Bitz, Automotive Technology

Muskogee: Kimberly Owens, Health Information

Aberdeen: Haley Malsom, Dental Hygiene
Amherst: Brianna Wade, Agriculture
Athol: Autumn Jungwirth, Dental Hygiene
Brookings: Justin Johnson, John Deere Tech; Brian Lankow, Liberal Arts
Buffalo: John Helms, Automotive & Diesel Master Technician
Long Lake: Matthew Hoffman, John Deere Tech
Rosholt: Jamie Peterson, Occupational Therapy Assistant; Bretni Sichmeller, Dental Hygiene
Sisseton: Jairica Christjohn, Liberal Arts; Garrett Tasa, Robotics, Automation and Mechatronics Technology
Tea: Kirsten Pierson, Architectural Drafting & Estimating Technology
Watertown: Tyler West, Land Surveying & Civil Engineering Technology
Waubay: Bryan Warns-Bartelt, Caterpillar Dealer Service Technology
Webster: Christopher Gravley, Architectural Drafting & Estimating Technology
Wilmot: Macey Ebben, Pharmacy Technician; Marissa Ebben, Agriculture

Madison: Julian Walters, Liberal Arts

80 participate in American Legion Boys State on NDSCS Campus

June 10, 2015

Paul Moffet of Barney has been elected Governor of North Dakota Boys State, a gathering of 80 participants this week on the North Dakota State College of Science (NDSCS) campus in Wahpeton.

Sponsored by the American Legion and running from June 8-13, North Dakota Boys State brings together outstanding young men between their junior and senior years in high school. Selected from schools across North Dakota, these delegates come to the NDSCS campus for a week of activities focusing on government and democracy.

At North Dakota Boys State, delegates participate in hands-on learning activities including city and county government functions, disaster simulation exercises and the publication of a daily newspaper that is written and edited by delegates. In addition to this “learning by doing” process, delegates have the opportunity to experience speeches and debates from visiting dignitaries.

In addition to electing a governor, delegates also elected several other state office-holders including: Lieutenant Governor Jorun Hamre of Leonard, Secretary of State Talon Staudinger of Bismarck, Attorney General Spencer Rebousky of Park River, State Treasurer Carson Roney of Oakes, Agriculture Commissioner Brenden Carter of Forest River and Superintendent of Public Instruction Alexander Delzer of Bismarck.

NDSCS has been the host of Boys State for 20 consecutive years. Frequent visitors to the program include: U.S. Senator John Hoeven, U.S. Senator Heidi Heitkamp, U.S. Representative Kevin Cramer and Lieutenant Governor Drew Wrigley.

Participants in the 73rd annual American Legion Boys State at NDSCS include:

Adams: Michael Nord

Barney: Paul Moffet

Bismarck: Alexander Delzer; Samuel Desir; Adam Fritz; Colin Hart; Talon Staudinger

Casselton: Ian Saum

Clifford: Keegan Elliott

Dickinson: Tanner Binstock; Quaid Larsen; Marc Michaelson

Enderlin: Graham Hurlburt

Fairmount: Preston Teske

Fargo: Justin Benson; Abram Budge; Davis Ekman; John Harris; Chad Lystad; John Mayer; Bruce Mizero; Jacob Mogck; Zachary Trotter; Charles Weber

Fordville: Joshua Ruzicka

Forest River: Brendan Carter; Jarek Paschke

Grace City: Joseph Vollmer

Grafton: Adam Barclay; Brent Loftsgard

Grand Forks: Ty Boucher; Toby Mause

Granville: David Enriquez

Hankinson: Martin Krump; Daniel Round

Hatton: Dean Ott

Hazen: Patrick McCarthy

Hettinger: Samuel Kludt

Hillsboro: Evan Kritzberger

Hope: Hunter Huschka

Hunter: Brian Schreiner

Inkster: Kieran Anderson

Jamestown: Daniel Reimers

Larimore: Alex Mutch; Seth Pifer

Leonard: Jorun Hamre

Lisbon: Benjamin Gemar; Kyle Lere

Makoti: Austin Schenfisch

McClusky: Levi Larson; Derek Mortenson

McHenry: Carson Quam

New Salem: Joshua Erfle

New Town: Nicolas Curren

Oakes: Kollen Knutson; Brady Ptacek; Carson Roney; Ethan Zetocha

Page: Brady Munro

Park River: Cadyn Hunter; Spencer Rebousky

Pisek: Wyatt Wasylow

Portland: Jacob Reynolds

Rutland: Donovan Juelfs

Sarles: Dominic Murphy; Brady Samuelson

Tioga: Casey Jensen

Underwood: Devyn Schmitcke

Wahpeton: Ian Ehrens; Trent Engstrom; Flint Litten

Walcott: Cade Koenig

Walhalla: Brandon Melsted

West Fargo: Logan Balvik; Bennett Benson; Jarrett Lardy; Hunter Staska

Wildrose: Atati Mita

Williston: Terin Lucero

Wimbledon: Anthony Plumb

Daily News: Agreement is ‘historic step forward’

June 05, 2015

By Matthew Liedke

Tri-College University board unanimously voted to add NDSCS to its partnership

North Dakota State College of Science is expanding its educational opportunities to other institutions in the region and vice versa thanks to an invitation to join the Tri-College University.

The Tri-College University is a partnership including Minnesota State University Moorhead, North Dakota State University and Concordia College and has been in service for 45 years.

Last week, the Tri-College University board of directors voted unanimously to add both NDSCS and Minnesota State Community and Technical College to its partnership.

According to a release from the Tri-College University, the agreement will allow undergraduate students to take courses outside of their home campus at any one of the partner campuses without paying any additional fees or tuition.

“We’re very appreciative of the TCU board and Provost (Tim) Flakoll,” NDSCS President Dr. John Richman said. “We’re appreciative of the invitation and we are very excited that they see the value of having associate degrees now as an option for all students who wish to participate.”

In a release, Flakoll said the Tri-College University has already been identified as improving student retention and graduation needs, providing more transfer opportunities and enhanced professional development opportunities.

The partnership isn’t limited to location, either, as students from the Wahpeton campus, Fargo facility or online can attend all four institutions seamlessly, according to Richman.

The partnership will take effect during the fall semester of 2015, however, Richman said the numbers may be lower for the first term.

“Many students have already registered for fall,” Richman said. “There’s also students who aren’t aware this is an option. So the next semester may not be a true indication of what may happen in the future.

“The partnership is for a three-year time-span,” Richman continued. “During those three years we will promote on all five campuses the opportunities that are there and we will see what the results bring.”

“This is a historic step forward as we continue to strive to be visionary and focused on providing high quality programs to meet the needs of our stakeholders,” Flakoll said.

“We see great benefits for the students from all five of our institutions and we see great advantages for the economy, culture and civic strength of the Fargo-Moorhead community,” added Dr. William Craft, member of the Tri-College University board of directors in a release.

“From our perspective, our belief is that this will be a greater opportunity for our liberal arts transfer students,” Richman said. “From a business standpoint, if you need a workforce and you’re looking to relocate or expand, having 35,000 available students is a plus for a business."

“We really see it strengthening the region,” Richman continued. “It’s a way to recruit business and to recruit students.”

Full article from the Wahpeton Daily News

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