August, 2013

Daily News: NDSCS students move-in over the weekend

August 28, 2013

By Matthew Liedke

Move-in day for North Dakota State College of Science went smoothly Saturday, despite hot temperatures, mainly due to the new Wildcat Welcome Team.

Chelsey Mehrer, a first-year NDSCS student in the culinary arts program, toured the campus earlier this summer. She said the team was “awesome.”

“We had to park far away and I thought we would have to walk all the way but they helped us out. It went a lot faster than I would have thought,” she said.

Judy Pierson was assisting her granddaughter, a second-year student named Kirsten Pierson. She, too, had a similar response.

“It went super. There was a lot of help,” she said. “This was very well organized.”

Bryan Midgarden, a member of the Wildcat Welcome Team, said that it has helped make the move in day better.

“It’s improved a lot. Now we have teachers who have come to help out, ATVs can go and grab stuff and we have the Wildcat Welcome Team and the RA’s assisting,” Midgarden said. “It’s way faster and way more efficient, it would be a good idea to have it next year, too.”

Saturday marked the day when it was mainly first-years who moved in. Assistant Director of Residential Life Elizabeth Phares-Oren said this was to keep things better coordinated.

Full article from the Wahpeton Daily News

Daily News: Freshman orientation at NDSCS is a week of activities

August 23, 2013

By Matthew Liedke

This year’s orientation at North Dakota State College of Science is longer and more jam-packed then ever before.

The “Move-In and Welcome Week” at NDSCS for incoming first-year students starts Saturday and ends Thursday, Aug. 29. Director of Student Success and Career Services Jane Vangsness Frisch said the major change to this year’s orientation is the main move-in day is now Saturday.

“Our students before would move in on Sunday and then have orientation on Monday,” Vangsness Frisch said. “Because a lot of our students come from far away, we wanted to make sure that students and family members would get acclimated to NDSCS.”

Vangsness Frisch said this was a longer, more in-depth orientation event and included additional activities. More students and their families will be arriving Friday, because of the Saturday move-in.

“It gives the town another day of revenue, too,” she added.

One of the benefits to the longer orientation time is families of students can also spend more time in the community.

“Previously, when move-in was on Sunday, family would have to drop the students off and wouldn’t have much time. Now, they have a full weekend,” Vangsness Frisch said.

Orientation will include a bus tour to help the students and family get used to the Twin Towns area. Barbara Spaeth-Baum, executive director of College Relations and Marketing, said it’s important the community makes students feel welcome as this relationship can help them be “successful when they make those connections.”

A “Wildcat Welcome Team,” made up of experienced students, will help incoming first year students become acclimated to the college.

“We want to help them get excited for everything coming up over the next year. We want to show them what it really means to be a Wildcat,” Vangsness Frisch said.

“It’s what’s unique to us,” Spaeth-Baum said of orientation week. “We are very much like a four-year college. That’s what sets us apart. Other colleges aren’t going to have the big move-in weekends.”

Full article from the Wahpeton Daily News

NDSCS begins 111th academic year on August 26

August 22, 2013

North Dakota State College of Science fall semester classes will begin Monday, August 26 at 4 p.m. Opening weekend events kick off on Saturday, August 24 when residence halls open for move-in at 10 a.m.

New student orientation, an annual event held to introduce students to campus, begins at 2 p.m. on Sunday, August 25. New student groups will be led by Wildcat Welcome Team Leaders in various activities planned to acclimate new students to student and academic life at NDSCS. Weekend activities include an interactive, digital scavenger hunt, root beer floats on the Oval, double decker community bus tours, an outdoor movie on the Oval (Fast & Furious 6) and the President’s brunch.

On Monday, August 26 students will get a chance to visit with area businesses during the business expo held on the Oval from 11 a.m.-2 p.m. Orientation will conclude with a pizza party hosted by the Ministerial Association outside the Student Center at 5 p.m. and the comedian Xclusive at 9 p.m. at the Bremer Bank Theater in the Harry Stern and Ella Stern Cultural Center.

NDSCS-Fargo will hold new student orientation on Monday, August 26 beginning at 3:30 p.m. For more information about orientation, go to

Classes resume regular hours on Tuesday, August 27. Any student who is not already registered for classes may do so either online or in person at the College’s Enrollment Services Office. For more information, contact Enrollment Services at 701-671-2521 or go to

NDSCS-Fargo to hold Open House sessions for Evening Students

August 05, 2013

​The North Dakota State College of Science will be holding Open House sessions at NDSCS-Fargo for students interested in taking evening classes at the Fargo location.

These free sessions are open to the public and will focus on career exploration, paying for college, academic options at NDSCS-Fargo, time to completion, total cost and the application process. Current NDSCS-Fargo faculty and Enrollment Services representatives will also be present to answer questions.

Whether you’re an adult returning to college or a brand new student, if you want to advance in your current position or are thinking about a new career, NDSCS-Fargo offers several practical program options for busy adults just like you.
Evening courses being offered this fall at NDSCS-Fargo include: the Business Pro Series, Information Technology Support, Liberal Arts and Paramedic Technology/Emergency Medical Technician (EMT).

The NDSCS-Fargo Open House sessions will be held on the following dates at NDSCS-Fargo located at 1305 19th Ave. N. in Fargo, N.D.

For more information please call 701-231-6919 to speak with a Fargo Programs Representative.

Bank of the West donates to NDSCS Skills Development Project

August 05, 2013

​Funds to help new Americans and underemployed individuals

The North Dakota State College of Science Skills Development Project has received a $2,500 donation from Bank of the West. The funds will be used to assist new Americans and underemployed individuals gain self-sufficient standards of living for themselves and their families.

“Bank of the West is proud to partner with the Skills Development Project as part of its Community Reinvestment Program by supporting skill training for new Americans as well as the underemployed in the southeast region of North Dakota,” said Darren Krein, Bank of the West vice president and branch manager. Krein and Chantelle Barth, Bank of the West assistant customer service manager, recently presented the funds to Janie Hulett, NDSCS director of the Skills Development Project.

“The Bank of the West contribution is deeply appreciated and will be used to directly support individuals in need of skill training,” said Hulett. The Skills Development Project focuses on preparing clients for jobs in manufacturing as well as in the certified nursing assistant field, where many job openings are available.
The Skills Development Project’s mission is to provide new Americans and underemployed individuals with professional assessment of personal needs and goals, followed by individualized job skill training that enables them to obtain a higher standard of living for themselves and their families.

Manufacturing companies have identified skill gaps that exist in the labor force including effective communication with co-workers, problem solving, math and ability to read blueprints.

The SDP manufacturing training includes lessons on safety, operating power and hand tools, operation of forklifts and reading blueprints. Soft skill training includes decision-making, problem solving, speaking with confidence and teamwork. The program involves 14 hours of leadership training, introduction to computers, Microsoft Word and Excel, and keyboarding skills.

In addition to regular manufacturing training, a four-week course in pre-vocational manufacturing “workplace language” continues to meet the workplace English needs of new immigrants while enhancing their English language skills. This class provides intensive language training with a focus on workplace vocabulary. It also focuses on learning the names and uses of hand and power tools, becoming familiar with safety practices and mastering workplace math, which is essential for reading blueprints.

In the manufacturing training, test scores are higher for those individuals who have taken pre-vocational training. New Americans who are hired without completing the pre-vocational/manufacturing training are generally paid about $3 per hour less than those who complete SDP.

In 2012, those who completed the SDP manufacturing program averaged $11.65 an hour and Certified Nursing Assistants earned $11.67 per hour.

Employers interview and select graduates for career openings at the Skills Development training site located at NDSCS-Fargo.

NDSCS announces Spring Enrollment

August 05, 2013

​North Dakota State College of Science summer enrollment is the second highest posted in the past decade with 779 students enrolled in classes in Wahpeton, Fargo and online. Ten years ago, enrollment was 695 and peaked in 2012 with 819 students. Enrollment has fluctuated throughout the decade, but overall it continues the upward trend in two-year college enrollment.

This summer, there are 334 full time students and 445 part time students enrolled at NDSCS with 295 freshman and 484 sophomores taking classes. Meanwhile, the percentage of students from North Dakota, Minnesota and South Dakota constitutes nearly 94 percent of the student body.
NDSCS President John Richman attributes the continued growth to the College’s 99 percent placement rating for graduates who are launching their careers or transferring on to four-year institutions to continue their education.

“NDSCS continues to be a smart choice for those seeking well-paying careers right out of college as well as for those who plan to transfer on to obtain a bachelor’s degree after graduation,” said Richman.

As the College continues to transform itself to accommodate the needs of students, NDSCS has launched flexible evening classes catering to non-traditional students as well as daytime program opportunities at NDSCS-Fargo. Two new evening offerings will be added to the NDSCS-Fargo lineup this fall including Liberal Arts and Information Technology Support.

In addition, the Wahpeton campus will cut the ribbon on a $10.5 million diesel technology building project early this fall and open two completely renovated residential halls for students living on campus.

“The College is planning for change to keep up with the needs of today’s college students which includes enhanced technology, flexible programming, and of course, a comfortable and safe campus environment,” said Richman.



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