NDSCS Campus Water, Sewer Infrastructure Replacement Project

Q&A with Dallas Fossum, NDSCS Executive Director of Facilities Management

Q: When will this project begin and what is the estimated time of completion?

The project will begin in April 2016 and run through the summer of 2017.

Q: What is the project’s cost?

The total project budget is $13,298,000.

Q: Where is the funding coming from?

The funding is from state appropriations, 2015-17 capital assets funding.

Q: Are students paying for the project?

There will be no cost to the students for this project.

Q: What is the scope of this project and why is it necessary?
  • The campus Water, Sewer Infrastructure Replacement project includes replacing the majority of the campus underground water and sewer lines as well as several storm sewer line replacements and rightsizing areas. It also includes various levels of repair or replacement of a majority of the streets and parking lots on campus. Several new fire hydrants will also be added to adequately cover the fire protection needs of the campus. This project also provides the opportunity to update the streetscape items as well such as signage, lighting and landscaping.
  • Unlike a typical building project, the majority of this project would be addressing deferred maintenance. Other than the additional water loop feeds and fire hydrants, the entire project will be addressing deferred maintenance with water, sanitary and storm sewer systems along with various stages of maintenance needs on the College’s streets and parking lots.
  • While the sizing of our sanitary sewer line is adequate, the infrastructure is primarily 50 to 60 years old and is well past the useful life of the materials they were constructed from in the 1950’s and 1960’s. The existing pipes are primarily vitrified clay tile pipe and cast iron pipe. The existing water distribution system is of similar age and consists of mainly Asbestos Cement Pipe (ACP) in 6 inch, 8 inch and 10 inch sizes. The water distribution system also has significant sizing concerns that will need to be addressed.
Q: Who will be managing this project? Which companies will be involved?
  • Jill Anderson is the NDSCS Project Manager.
  • Bolton & Menk, Inc. of Fargo will be involved as the engineer of record for this project.
  • KPH Inc. of Kindred will be the prime general contractor and Scott’s Electric of Wahpeton will be the electrical contractor on this project. There will be multiple area sub-contractors that will also be onsite working on the project.
Q: How will this project be organized? Which buildings will be affected when?
  • This will be a very complex project with schedules for multiple zones and locations on campus. Work will begin in April and will still be going on when students return in the fall. Key traffic areas are scheduled to be completed during the summer break.
  • All buildings, parking lots and streets will be affected thoughout the course of the project. The schedule details will be communicated through various methods outlined in the next question.
Q: Will announcements be sent out to the campus community regarding when and where work will be taking place?

Yes, this will be communicated in several different methods. There will be a dedicated website that will show weekly construction updates and schedules. It will also show maps of construction zones, closed parking lots and available parking and traffic detours as needed. We will also be providing routine updates within the e-Transmitter and all campus emails.

Q: Will alternate parking be made available for employees and students? What about event parking?
  • Yes.
  • We will work with event coordinators prior to their event to provide reasonable accommodations for parking for major events on campus.
Q: Will campus employees and students still need to pay for parking if parking lots may not even be usable?

The parking permit process will not change during this construction period. Not all the parking lots will be affected at the same time. There will be alternative parking available for use during the project although it may not be as close or convenient as it will be when the project is completed.

Q: Will there be interruptions to water service in buildings? Will the campus community be notified in advance of these interruptions?
  • In some limited situations.  
  • Outside of any emergency utility outages, every effort will be made to have all outages planned and coordinated a week in advance.
Q: How will the campus community be notified in the case of an unplanned water or network outage?

This will be communicated in as many ways as possible and as quickly as possible. The student text service will be utilized as a quick message to the students. There will also be all campus emails to staff and students as well as phone calls to key stakeholders in the affected area. College Relations & Marketing will assist us with quick social media notifications as needed.

Q: Will this project affect city streets? Will detours be clearly marked?

There will be minor work that will be needed at city streets were utility connections will be made. There will be signage and barricades to help direct both pedestrian and vehicle traffic around work sites both on campus and associated city streets.

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