ND Automobile and Implement Dealers Bus Trip

Interested in an Auto/Diesel career?

If you're a high school junior or senior interested in pursuing an exciting and rewarding career in the auto or diesel industry, plan to check out NDSCS for yourself on Thursday, April 27, 2017!

NDSCS, in partnership with the North Dakota Automobile and Implement Dealers Associations, is hosting an opportunity for you to investigate careers in the Auto and Diesel Industries. Plus, industry experts along with NDSCS's Auto and Diesel faculty will be on-hand the entire day.

Participants will experience: 

  • A typical day in the life of a technician
  • Estimates, diagnosis and repair
  • Engines, transmissions, brakes, tires, electronics, GPS systems and more
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Hand, power and diagnostic tools used
  • Job placement, sponsorships and tuition reimbursement

Plus, there's more!

  • Experience campus life 
  • Tour campus and check out our awesome facilities!
  • Classes, curriculum and certifications
  • Residence life, NDSCS Athletics, band, choir and theater
  • Extra curricular activities: 30+ student clubs and organizations
Click here to register today!

Bus Trip Expectations
Lodging Information

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