Pathway Day

Ask Me About Pathway Day

Saturday, April 30, 2016  |  NDSCS-Fargo and NDSU

Ask Me About Pathway Day is an opportunity for students who have applied to NDSU and been offered admission to the Pathway Program to learn more about the program, a collaboration between NDSCS-Fargo and NDSU that prepares students for college-level course work.

During your visit, you may tour both NDSCS-Fargo and NDSU, meet students, and learn about academic life and student involvement. The Pathway Coordinator and an NDSU Admissions Counselor will introduce you to the program, show how it can enhance academic success and answer questions. You will also have the option to take the COMPASS placement test. Because family members play an important role in college planning, they are encouraged to attend.

For more information, contact Tonya Stokka, NDSCS Pathway Coordinator, at or 701-231-6925.

Pathway Day Registration

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