Get Started

You've made your decision to enroll at NDSCS! Now what do you do?

  1. Apply for Admission - Admission to NDSCS is simple. Get started today. If you are a former NDSCS student, complete the Re-Application for Admission form.
  2. Claim Your Account through CampusConnection - When you receive your admission packet and student EMPL ID number, you need to "Claim Your Account" to obtain a User ID and password to log into CampusConnection. Click the link and follow the instructions.
  3. Admission Testing - Students need to submit their ACT test results as part of the Admission process. If you do not have ACT scores and need a COMPASS test to determine eligibility for college English and Math classes, contact Distance Education for help finding a COMPASS test site in your region.
  4. Apply for Financial Aid - NDSCS school code for FAFSA is 002996. Click for more details.
  5. Register for Classes - Students register for classes through the CampusConnection system.

  6. Order Books - Books are required for online classes and can be purchased online at
    • NOTE: Some courses require access codes for students to access additional content from the publisher. The access codes are specific to NDSCS classes and will be bundled with books purchased through the NDSCS Bookstore. Access codes purchased from another source will not work and students would need to purchase an additional code for the NDSCS class.
  7. Obtain the necessary software required - Microsoft Word is required to complete and submit your assignments. Some courses require additional software which will be listed in the online course schedules each semester. 
  8. Set-up your NDSCS email account - All NDSCS students are required to have an NDSCS email account. Once you have registered for class(es), you will be able to set up your account.
    • When completed, log into both CampusConnection and NDSCS Online systems and enter that email address so both are using your NDSCS email address for correspondence.

  9. Set up your North Dakota State Library Card - This will be needed to access library services for and Films on Demand. NDSCS students who do not have a library card need to complete the Library Card Application to access the free online tutoring system and other library services. (NDSCS students who are not North Dakota residents are also eligible for this service.) Contact the Mildred Johnson Library if you need assistance.

  10. Complete the online orientation class - New students will have an opportunity to take a free online orientation class called "SCS 101 Bits and Bytes for Online Success."
    • An email will be sent prior to the semester, offering the orientation, which consists of small assignments to learn how to use the online class tools. Students will have the chance to practice creating and submitting assignments using the various course tools and methods that may be used in a real online class. An instructor will be available online to help, if you have questions.

  11. Start Class - Online classes open the first full class day of the semester. They are not self-paced, but you will have access to them 24/7 once they begin. Look for due date information in your online courses so you don't miss assignment deadlines. Instructors often publish an assignment schedule within the class.
    • To log into class, go to NDSCS Online and enter the class log-in information that was emailed to you. Click "Go to Class."
    • On the next page you'll see a link to course information. You will also see "My Profile" where you can change your password and update your email address.
    • Online classes follow the same Academic Calendar, Refund Schedule and Wildcat Fee Payment schedules as traditional campus classes. Please review this information so you are aware of important dates for adding/dropping classes, paying tuition and fees, holidays, etc.

  12. Important Information 
  • Using CampusConnection - To access the CampusConnection system, students must use their EMPL ID # (received with Admission packet) to "claim their account" which activates the UserID and creates a password. For more details about using CampusConnection, click here. The CampusConnection User Guide is also available in the Enrollment Services office.
  • The NDSCS Attendance Policy also applies to online classes. It is important to log into online classes often and keep up with class work and announcements from instructors.
  • Refund Schedules are posted online. The schedules show a percentage of refund for students withdrawing from school. Students who drop part of their class schedule but do not totally withdraw will receive 100% refund up to the date listed on the schedule but no refund after that date. Classes that start on dates that are not listed will follow a different refund schedule. Contact Distance Education if you have questions about a unique schedule.
  • State Authorization Information for Out-of-State Students. 
  • NDSCS Attendance Policy information.

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