NDSCS Life Hacks

Life Hacks | Clever ways to do things faster and make life easier.

With 99% placement after just two years, attending NDSCS is like a life hack toward your dream career. 

Check back every Monday for fun and helpful life hacks or find them on our social media pages.

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NDSCS Life Hack of the Week

October 17-23

Two years of tuition sure beats four. That’s a wise use of your funds, just like opening a stubborn package with a couple of coins.

More Life Hacks

October 10-16

Did you know a lemon slice will keep avocados green longer? Fresh ideas… that’s what NDSCS is all about.

October 3-9

A tip from the college that specializes in fast earning. Speed things up with a couple holes to eliminate suction, and the bag comes out faster.

September 26-October 2

Soak your cookies, not your fingers. And for a slam dunk career, attend NDSCS for 99% placement after graduation.

September 19-25

At your NDSCS graduation party, cut your cake the smart way.

September 12-18

Keep extension cords from coming apart with this handy trick, and keep your future energized at NDSCS.

September 5-11

Great things stem from learning smarter and earning faster at North Dakota State College of Science.

August 29-September 4

Hanging something? Photocopy the hole pattern for placement as perfect as NDSCS’s 99% career placement!

August 22-28

Be a s'more superstar at your next campfire. Just remember to use a brand new rake.

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