Admission Requirements

Apply for Admission in 5 Simple Steps!

1. Apply Online and Pay the $35 Application Fee

Click here to complete the application for admission online.
Applications for most programs that begin in August are accepted throughout the year, but an early application is recommended.

2. Submit Official High School Transcript or GED

An in-progress transcript must be sent to make an admission decision. An official high school transcript with final grades and a graduation date is required upon completion of high school. To be considered official, the transcripts must be sent directly to NDSCS from the high school.

3. Submit Official College Transcript(s)

Transfer students, and students taking course work at colleges or universities while enrolled in high school, must mail official in-progress transcripts. To be considered official, the transcripts must be sent directly to NDSCS from the issuing institution. Final college transcripts must be submitted once all course work is completed.

4. Submit Test Scores
  • Associate in Applied Science, Diploma or Certificate Program Applicants
    If you are applying for an Associate in Applied Science, Diploma or Certificate program you will need to obtain minimum entrance scores in order to meet the Program Admission Requirements for your selected program. Approved exams include the ACT, SAT and Compass. For more information, including the required scores for your selected program click here.
  • Liberal Arts/Transfer Applicants
    If you are applying for an Associate in Arts, Liberal Arts/Transfer program you must submit an ACT or SAT score unless you are 25 years of age or older or you have 24 or more credits transferable into a degree program.
5. Submit Proof of Immunization

Send medical records with proof of two MMR immunizations (measles, mumps and rubella) and proof of meningitis immunization. Click here for more information.

High School Students

Students who are still in high school and are pursuing college courses during the summer, or simultaneously with high school, become special students who are given special consideration when they apply.

Former Students

Any former student who was in good standing will be re-admitted if a suitable class schedule can be arranged for the applicant. Any former student who was suspended or on probation is referred to the Probation, Suspension and Re-Admission Policy found in the NDSCS Guide to Student Rights and Responsibilities. Applicants should contact the Enrollment Services office for more information.

International Students

International students are invited to apply for admission by contacting Enrollment Services for special application for admission.

The following criteria are needed for admission:

  • International student application
  • Financial status verification
  • On-campus employment is also available

Numerous services and programming activities are available, including:

  • International handbook
  • English as a Second Language
  • International student advising and tutoring
  • Immigration information and services
  • Student housing

International students may contact Enrollment Services by email at or write to Enrollment Services, 800 Sixth Street North, Wahpeton, ND 58076-0002 USA.

Other Students

From time to time NDSCS agrees to admit groups of students under special circumstances. In such cases the usual entrance requirements may not apply.

English and Mathematics Course Placement

Placement of students in courses that most closely match their abilities results in a greater likelihood that these students will be successful in pursuing and completing their programs. All students are required to follow English and mathematics placement recommendations based on standardized test scores. Students under the age of 25 must present ACT scores and students age 25 and over will complete Compass placement testing on campus.

Students will be placed in the appropriate college English Composition course according to their ACT English and Reading Test scores, and students will be placed in the appropriate mathematics course according to their ACT Mathematics Test scores. Students must take the Compass placement test if ACT test scores are not available on the date of registration. Students may elect to take the Compass placement test to challenge their course placement. If there is a difference between the ACT and Compass placement, the best scores will be used.

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