Student Crisis

Students who find themselves or others in a crisis/emergency should call Campus Police at 701.671.2233 or 911. For other concerns that may not need immediate attention, please call the Personal Counselor at 701.671.2286 to schedule an appointment.

Important Phone Numbers
Crisis LinesEmergency NumbersMedical Help Information
Three Rivers Crisis Center
1-701-642-2115, Wahpeton
Sanford Health
1-701-642-7000, Wahpeton
SomePlace Safe
1-800-974-3359, Fergus Falls
Mental Health HelpLine
North Dakota Only
9-211 (On Campus) or 211 (Off Campus)
Essentia Health
1-701-642-2000, Wahpeton
Rape & Abuse Crisis Center
1-800-344-7273, Fargo
Mobile Mental Health Unit
St. Francis Healthcare Campus
1-218-643-3000, Breckenridge
Crisis HotLIne
NDSCS Counseling Center
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
1-800-273-TALK (8255)

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