Rethink That Drink

Rethink that Drink is a social awareness campaign  aimed to reduce the negative effects associated with high-risk alcohol use among students.

At NDSCS, students have many choices to make from which Netflix series to watch next to their academic program to study.  The choice you have to make about drinking alcohol is no different.

We know the majority of students use alcohol in low risk ways.  In fact, 57%* of our students have less than two drinks in a typical week! We want you to be prepared to make the best decisions possible so you can be successful at NDSCS and after graduation.  *2014 NDSCS NDCORE Alcohol and Other Drug Survey

6 Drinking Myths


If you think… eating will sober you up. It doesn’t. The ONLY thing that will sober you up is TIME. Learn more.


If you think that tolerance is a good thing… it’s NOT. It increases vulnerability to  serious problems. Learn more.


If you think alcohol will help you sleep. It actually reduces the amount of time your body spends in REM sleep. Leaving you feeling more tired. Learn more.


If you think drinking alcohol reduces stress levels, it can actually lead to alcohol dependence and make anxiety symptoms worse. Learn more.


If you think beer before liquor, never been sicker. Liquor before beer, then you're in the clear. The order and mixture of alcohol will not make you sick. The speed you are drinking Will make you sick. Learn more.


If you think drinking won’t affect your game, think again. It impairs muscle growth, dehydrates the body, prevents muscle recovery, depletes energy and affects memory and nutrition. Learn more.

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