Guidelines for Instructors

Test Center Instructions

Any test that is sent to the Test Center with a student should be placed in a sealed envelope. Karen Dahlgren, 671-2256, or Linda Fink, 671-2441, should be notified that a student is bringing over a test to make sure that someone is available and that there is room for testing.

  • Please tell students that they are required to show a picture ID to test. You know who they are, but we do not.
  • If you are sending a test for a student who has an accommodation for audio testing, please send the test to the Test Center 48 hours before the test needs to be given.

The Test Center is not designed to test an entire class. Please check with Karen Dahlgren or Linda Fink before sending large numbers of students to test.

Faculty requesting testing services must fill out the Test Center Instruction Form for each test. All testing information, such as passwords or any changes, should be sent to the Test Center's email address:

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