General Concern Report

The purpose of this report is to keep North Dakota State College of Science informed about student incidents and/or student well-being concerns. In addition, this form may be used to inquire about resources from the student advocate. Upon completion of this form, use the submit button to submit this online form to the Student Advocate as soon as possible.


Chad Pitts
Student Advocate
Old Main 410C

General Student Concerns

General Student Concerns May Include:

  • Inappropriate behavior during class
  • Harassment of you or another student during class
  • Hate speech directed at you or another person
  • Bias, bigotry, hate directed toward you or another person
  • You or someone you know needs assistance and are unsure where to go

The Student Advocate can Provide Resources for:

  • Family Crisis
  • Medical/Health Concerns
  • Substance use/abuse
  • Cultural Transitions
  • LGBTQ Resources
  • Community Resources
  • Student Code of Conduct Violations
  • Anything else that may be concerning you!

General Concern Online Report

Student's Information

Reporter's Information

Please provide an account of the incident.

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